• Superbus, the pop-rock bombshell!
  • Superbus, the pop-rock bombshell!

  • After ten years of career, four golden and platinum album, a best of, Superbus went to L.A to record its lastest album « Sunset ».
    A CD to go away, travel. Zoom Let’s zoom on the most glamour of the French rock group led by Jenn, the one who is called now « The French Gwen Stefani ». Talent to be followed.
      By Fleur Lempinsky

    [row] [one_third] SO SEXY THE SKY OF CALIFORNIA...

    Jenn has always dreamt of that, of Sunset pink sky.
    Who’s Jenn ? No, no the one of the Star’Ac… !
    Jennifer Ayache, brunette spicy, leader woman of the group of boys
    Superbus. In L.A, the daughter of the actress Chantal Noby has not gone All Alone : She brought [/one_third] [one_third] Superbus - 470 [/one_third] [one_third]
    her group "my boys" as she says, who have dreamt of it for a long time too.
    After the tour of the best of "Happy Bus Day", the group needed to have a break
    to take fresh air, have free tme, travel, think, do experiments, make progress. [/one_third] [/row] [row] [one_third] WHIRL

    During the first ten years of the adventure (2000-2010) Superbus a real firework : four albums, hundreds of concerts, a DVD live, rewards (MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006, Album Pop-rock for "Wow" for the Victoires de la Musique in 2007, etc.) [/one_third] [one_third]

    The group released a series of hits : From Tchi-Cum-Bah to Lova Lova by passing by Superstar.
    Jenn who was 18 years old when the group released their first album, "Aéromusical", loves the idea [/one_third] [one_third]

    that her audience grew up and matured with her ; the teenage freshness of the beginnings transformed in pure rock energy without losing mischievous humor which aroused in 2002, a flash of pure seduction. [/one_third] [/row]   [row] [one_half] REFERENCE

    In L.A. the producer Billy Bush (a permanent sound engineer of the group Garbage and husband of the famous singer Shirley Manson) helped them and made them grown up.
    Not in terms of composition – for that Jenn and her group don’t need anybody – but for the sound he helped them a lot!
    Billy enhanced every ideas of the group, every desire of its leader grunge guitars, an konky-tonk piano, synth pad of the 80's, harmonies like Bangles, a vocoder vintage and even – damned! – a spluttering solo ambiance horror film by Richie Sambora – yes the guy of Bon Jovi, who used to work in the neighboring on Sunset… Jenn and Superbus finally did it… Their Californian album and yet so french, perfect cocktail in Hollywood-sur-Seine. "Sunset" : pink sky on the rock from here, the dream of a little girl which has become a rock bomb this year and still on tour this summer ! [/one_half] [one_half]

    Superbus06-470 [/one_half] [/row]


    27 of July – Festival West Rock - Cognac - France 6 of August - Plein Air - Agde - France 2 of September - Parc des Expositions - Chalons en Champagne - France 26 of September - French Waves Festival - Berlin – Germany www.superbus.fr
    Album superbus sunset
    Get the look !

    Jennifer Ayache

    [row] [one_third] Superbus08 [/one_third] [two_third] FOCUS LOOK : The spicy brunette plays with chic colors and graphical stripes: Black, Red and White. Her great body, her great personality able her to wear everything she wants! Dress o trousers, Jenn match a lot her look with a pair of heels.   FOCUS COIFFURE : fringe required!! Whether she has long or short hair, she always wear a fringe! Straight or on the side, every style fit her.   FOCUS MAKE-UP : Jennifer dresses her look with a sooty style. Black pencil, grey eye-shadow (o black), she is always famous for her beautiful luscious lips with red color. "I look for the reddest lipstick. I found my happiness with Chanel and MAC » ! [/two_third] [/row]


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