• A sexy and fashion destination with the Crazy Horse in Cannes !
  • A sexy and fashion destination with the Crazy Horse in Cannes !

  • Until the 24th of August, Cannes is welcoming the most emblematic of the Parisian cabarets : the Crazy Horse. Staged in the Palais des Festivals' terrace, “Forever Crazy”, beautifies the most beautiful women of the world, put in a straitjacket by Alexandre Vauthier and who wear heels by Louboutin. Zomm on this exceptional show.
      By Laure Delvigo
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    Forever Crazy was created in homage to Alain Bernardin, the Crazy Horse's famous founder. “Best Of” of the different pictures of this legendary cabaret, such as “Peek-a-Boo” and “Leçon d’Erotisme”, we are in raptures behind this mythical show “As God Save Our Bareskin” that was choreographed by a lieutenant of the British army, which is the first part of the Crazy Horses' shows since 1989.

    As well in the program, new creations by the French choreographer Philippe Decouflé, which picture “Crisis? What Crisis!” created in 2009 was a fun wink to the subprimes financial crisis. [/two_third] [/row] [row] [one_third] Besides its unique style and its famous dancing girl, Lova Moore, The Crazy Horse has undressed, on its mythical scene, many celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson, Clotilde Coureau, Arielle Dombasle and a few months ago, the magnificent Noémie Lenoire.

    With or without any People, The Crazy Horse is still an, exceptional cabaret, nor dusty or vulgar, just sexy. This is why the press describes “Forever Crazy” as : “Spectacular!” (20 Minutes), “a sensed party” (Paris Match) and “the most beautiful show that Paris offers” (Le Parisien). [/one_third] [one_third] The Spanish daily, El Pais, said that Forever Crazy is a “visual delight”, while El Mundo compares it to an “incredible dream”. For the Journal du Quebec, a Canadian daily, it's an “Ode to femininity”, when the Tribune de Genève says that it's like an “erotic and enchanting show, applaud by women…”. Everything is said.

    The raison of that success ? “Forever Crazy”, is the anamorphose of several exceptional creators, leaded by d’Andrea Le Deissenberg. Dick Walsh was the artistic director, and highlighted a Parisian unity, glamorous and brilliant.

    [/one_third] [one_third] Among its creations : The annual ball in the Guggenheim Museum in New-York, Celine Dion's wedding, Jean-Paul Gaultier for the fashion shows, and MAC Cosmetics for the advertising campaign. Nothing else ?! And as the Crazy Horse doesn't leave the things halfway finished, the precious shoes are from Christian Louboutin, while for the fashion design, there is the designer Alexandre Vauthier, and other, such as Fifi Chachnil and Poupie Cadolle.

    Forever Crazy !

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    A sexy and fashion destination with the Crazy Horse in Cannes !

    Useful informations

    Until the 24th of August 2013. In the Crazy Horse Marquee, in the Palais des Festivals and Congrès' terraces From Tuesday to Sunday, two shows per evening: at 20h30 and at 23h15. For the show only, from 35 € / For the show & Champagne: from 115 €   RESERVATIONS by phone, 04 92 98 62 77, every day from 10h00 am. to 7h00 pm., or directly at the Palais des Festivals ticket booth. Also available in the usual sales points and on-line, www.palaisdesfestivals.com and www.lecrazyhorseparis.com


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