•  MATTHEW KOMA, pop revelation
  • MATTHEW KOMA, pop revelation

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    et’s imagining that the one who listens to music is a house and that is  great party which spreads in each room.
    It passes through doors with crashes (the ears off course), you can feel the vibrations which brings happiness at all levels.
    Focus on a musical revelation. 
      By Fleur Lempinsky [/one_half] [one_half] 470 [/one_half] [/row] [row] [one_half] Matthew Koma was inspired by Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen that he kept listening with passion. Since the age of three years old, he has discovered him and saw him at least thirty times. Marked by tradition, the album Propaganda is not afraid of showing it. His songs yet are not the reflection of familiar melodies but they have their roots in history which leads first to a great song : the story. In other words, the songs by  Matthew Koma are not only words dedicated to fans and it’s not singing for him (or writing) a multitude of songs; Propaganda represents the expression of gratitude of a man with regard to the past [/one_half] [one_half] and show his determination to create this kind of melodies which carry on again and again. Born in Long Island, motherland of Simon and Garfunkel or even Harry Chapin and Billy Joel, in other words, a island impregnated with songs. Long Island enables, due to its history, young singers to begin their career. It takes courage of course, but Matthew Koma is strong. When he was denied the tours, he created an artistic agency and travelled the country, participated to a lot of festivals, before going back home. After that, he had only 150 dollars and almost nothing to eat. But this experience was very important and prepared him for the stages on which he sings with  LMFAO and Far East Movement. [/one_half] [/row] MK_01-656 [row] [one_half] The title « Parachute » was his first song and was followed by « She », « One » and « Stars » ; each of his titles, in its own way, evokes the hope, the loss, and the faith. Since that time, fortuitous collaborations happened with Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso and Ryan Tedder, de Swedish House Mafia, with the title « Calling » (Lose My Mind). The destiny merrily carried on when the president of Interscope Records, Jimmy Lovine listened to Matthew Koma. [/one_half] [one_half] Lovine produced, of course, the classical « Born to Run » of  Bruce Springsteen and for a fan of the Boss, being listened by  such a man was more than a legendary honor. « I never thought I would find myself a day in the same room as such a legend and even less signing with his label », declared Matthew Koma. « It was as if the loop was settled. »  For a singer whose songs insist on the effects of whirling, the loop settled is maybe the last completion. [/one_half] [/row]

    Matthew Koma - "Years" Acoustic Performance



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