• Olivia Ruiz, “entre le calme et les tempêtes”
  • Olivia Ruiz, “entre le calme et les tempêtes”

  • Her heels, sometimes high, hit the ground with lightness and frankness. The sound precedes her. Olivia Ruiz never tiptoe. “Entre le calme et les tempêtes” is her fourth album. This record is hers. This is the one she thought, the one she dreamed about, the one that she worked on.
    By Nicolas Preschey
    [multicol]Olivia RuizDichotomy of emotions. Internal Meteorology that became capricious because of life. Deepness of the words, deepness of the sounds, until this album, Olivia Ruiz had never gave us the impression that she could go that deep into herself to find lyrics sources.   But diving to find some truth is sometimes not enough, you have to go further. Put yourself in danger. Search for a new light. Go outside to understand better the inside. Sometimes you just have to leave. Leave to find new points of reference on territories that have none. Leave but not flee.   In February, Olivia Ruiz decided to go west, where the sun sets, and spend the night waiting for the next day's dawn to rise again. Go far away and not look back. Have an overwhelming need to travel. A vital necessity. Escape. While overwhelmed. With a heavy heart. Leave alone. Go on an insular jaunt. Cuba.   No news. Then a message. I left Cuba. I've just arrived in Los Angeles. Everything is fine. I'm making progress. I keep on looking. Looking for what ? Everything and its opposite at the same time. The need to live. The need to come alive again.
    JB Mondino- Olivia Ruiz 656 [multicol]Seize the moment. Accept that coincidence exists. Appreciate every encounter. Enjoy them to the fullest. Multiply them. Exchange. Without any ulterior-motive. Sincerity first.A therapy song. But the lyrics you write down are not the same as the words you say to a psychiatrist.
    Olivia Ruiz
    talks about her and others. With details and tactfulness. Singing rather than telling. The modesty for the emotion is facing the greatness of the feelings. She will be back in Paris several days later. Not for long. It's decided. Everything will take place elsewhere.   Free. Unreachable. She find her way. Cuba once again. Bogotá one time. Los Angeles several times. The encounters are too beautiful. They deserve more time. Images that come back in your mind like flashes.   Spending night dancing on the pavement in Havana, the green hake around Trinidad, the hours spend in buses, air planes, airports, Venice Beach, hotel rooms, boarding houses, hearing stories of lives, the stories exchanged, and this home-studio in the City of Angels that appears by magic.   “Entre le calme et la tempête”. An additional line in Olivia Ruiz' story. An important line. A line that looks like the ones on her hands that a Cuban Bruja read and who told her, with all her old women wisdom, “Let life follows its course and everything will be fine”.
    "Le Calme et la tempête" - POLYDOR Realisation : Tony Berg and Olivia Ruiz Photographer : Jean-Baptiste Mondino www.olivia-ruiz.com
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