• The before/after of the house Carita seen by Tom Marcireau
  • The before/after of the house Carita seen by Tom Marcireau

  • Tom Marcireau is in charge of the artistic direction of the Institution Carita. For that, he creates the images of the famous beauty house. He is THE hairdresser of the countess Stéphanie de Lannoy for her marriage with the Grand Duke Guillaume but only that!   Indeed, he realizes for women’s magazines numerous “before/after” sessions for the greater benefice of our readers. Demonstration.  
    Liloo Sevan.


    A modern and sensual haircut which reveals femininity. This modern bob, subtly revisited: the ends are thinned out on the whole hair to give the haircut a infinite lightness and the hairstyle was designed to be tousled or styled depending of your mood or the circumstances. This haircut revealed the real personality of Salomé : sensual, happy and feminine until the ends of the hair ! salomé


    A glamour haircut which reveals a sensual and sexy woman. And the haircut created woman! A haircut designed to reveal a real woman with a natural, very sensual and very feminine style. A glamour and sexy haircut we can be worn by any type of woman regardless of their age. Day and night, this modern bob exudes a certain sensuality. marine


    A short and graphic haircut which reveals the personality. Minx, a bit mischievous, this haircut is for women with personality! Asymmetrical «tomboy», she  is marked by an incredible femininity. Hair cut very short at the neck and the ears, longer and thinned out at the top of the head to give movement to the hairstyle and to soften the face with a sophisticated side. This haircut is for active women and even sporty par excellence ! Clémence


    11, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré

    75008 PARIS



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