• Marine Vacth, meeting with a future star
  • Marine Vacth, meeting with a future star

  • Muse for Yves Saint Laurent, succeeded after the unbeatable Kate Moss, the sublime Marine Vacth, definitely plays only the leading roles.    Scandalous Lolita in the latest movie by François Ozon « Jeune & Jolie », the beauty not only pouts, like a generation B.B 2.0, but plays the leading role with a troubling talent next to Charlotte Rampling and Géraldine Pailhas. Meeting with a cinema revelation.  
    By Fleur Lempinsky
    How was it with Francois Ozon ? Very simple, I did some tests with him and then I read the script. I was very moved by this story, it seemed strong and clear but I needed to be reassured by François, I needed him to tell me how I was going to be shot. How was the movie will be like, what will it be its esthetics. I immediately felt comfortable with him, I like the mischief in his eyes, how he works, he treats you with respect. I didn’t feel crushed by his authority of director nor placed on a pedestal And when he chose me, François asked me to do other performances with the actors of the movie, to help him to end up his casting since he didn’t choose yet all the actors. He wanted, for example, to see me with Geraldine to make sure that the relationship Mother-daughter would work out physically. Same thing with Fantin who plays my brother. It was great, it helped me to put myself in the skin of Isabelle.     Indeed, how did you comprehend the character Isabelle? I can’t say I identified myself as her but she touched me, I wanted to accompany her. And then, while interpreting her, I obviously insert a part of myself.
    Marine Vacth
    Did you give your opinion about her physical appearance? Not really but I did talk a lot with François. He asked me before the shooting to stop cutting my hair so that it can grow up, and to take weight a bit to look like more like an adolescent, a bit chubby, with curves. Isabelle is not well turned-out, she is not seductive, not fashion. With the costume designer, Pascaline Chavanne, we tried a lot of clothes to find the right look for each season: very young girl for the summer, who becomes glamour and sexy when she prostitutes herself and whi end up like a tomboy without feminine touches at the end. She is not a girl of those days, she is just a young girl, that’s all. She has a timeless side and François didn’t want that the movie to be a social theme on the current phenomenon of the students who prostitute themselves to earn a living.
    Marine Vacth-2
    How did you manage with the nude scenes? They frightened me a bit finally I worked them like the others! I was so immerged in the shooting and in my character that I forgot myself. This sensation is really pleasant. Two months of shooting… I haven’t known such a long term involvement. All the more so as the scenes were almost all shot consecutively. The more we moved forward, the more I had the impression to better know Isabelle. Like an engine, I ran in and then I shifted up a gear.   How was it with Charlotte Rampling ? I was impressed to find myself with that actress I admire a lot. She has such a presence, such a beauty. She so kind with me.   Do you want to keep appearing on the big screen? I started this job – as well as model− a bit by accident : Cédric Klapisch was looking for a model to play in MA PART DU GÂTEAU… My role in CE QUE LE JOUR DOIT A` LA NUIT of Alexandre Arcady, it was also accidentally. My desire to be an actress started to arouse in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN BRAIN, a short film by Joan Chemla. And now thanks to JEUNE & JOLIE,I start to assume it.


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