• KATY PERRY : Interview with the pop princess
  • KATY PERRY : Interview with the pop princess

  • It is in L.A that we met one of the most eccentric singer no to say «crazy » of the Star-system. After the dubbing of a voice for an American cartoon and the release of her new album "Prism" on 22 October, the third one, Katy Perry answered to our smurf questions!
    Frank Rousseau
    KATY PERRY: PART OF ME You do the voice of the Smurfette in the American version of "Smurfs 2", a cartoon whose first one brought in the world box office more than 500 million green bills.  With your hair you can see the life in blue now ? Katy Perry : (laughs) In blue and in pink! Which must result to a strange mixt. But anyway ,let’s be fun! When I was a child, I didn’t know those personages. So I didn’t grow with them. My idol Madonna. I wanted to look like her. Singing like her. Moving like her, dressing like her. Acting in the same movies as her. A few months ago, my name appeared in the movie The Smurfs !!! (laughs). Don’t try to understand. There’s no relation! Apart from that, I’ve never wanted to become blue personally even if I love the color! Apart from that, I eat cereals Lucky Charms every morning and that since I was a child. As you know it, there are a lot of colors in that box of cereals and until now I’ve never turned pink, green or red. I’ve waited playing in The Smurfs and being 28 years old to see myself turned blue! (laughs)   And blonde ? Katy Perry : Yes but more common l ! (Laughs). Any girl can, if they want, enter at the hairdresser’s and having a new hair color. However, entering in a dermatology office and sayong : « Doctor, I would like my skin turns blue! », apart from strangulation, I don’t know how it is possible or you can go and see a tattoo artist! (Laughs)   This « the Smurfs 2 » takes place in Paris. Could you talk a bit about that city ? Do you like living in ? What do you do when you’re there ? Katy Perry  : Paris oh la la la it’s just beautiful! Even if the photographers there are "very" extreme. Well everything that comes from France, I love it.   And could you sing one day the language of Voltaire ? Katy Perry  : I didn’t know Voltaire could sing ! (laughs). I’m kidding! To sing in French, I should first know a bit about it which it’s far from being the case. Apart from "Ca va ?", "Où est la boulangerie s’il vous plait ?", "Quelle heure il est ?" or "Une boîte de macarons monsieur s’il vous plait" I reach very fast my limits. And I don’t want to learn just phonetics without understand what I’m singing, I apply the brakes! I know that it is amazing when artists don’t sing in their mother language they learn by heart the words without understanding a word of what they are singing! This bothers me!  For the anecdote,  my mother is fluent in French. It seems that I didn’t inherit that gene! Now, I have to say to you one thing. If I had to learn a new language, it would be first Spanish! Katy Perry     The idea of getting old, how do you live it ? Katy Perry: When I was 20 I said to myself: "I hope I will succeed to do something good in my life". Now I’m nearly 30, and I say to myself: " I did do a lot of good things in my life! I hope it stays that way! ". At  the age of 40 I think I will think about it: "I hope there will be other good things to do!". (laughs). For the moment, the energy which is inside me has never been so strong. So powerful.   I don’t know why but I think your dressing must be amazing… Katy Perry : Amazing, yes, that’s the word! It is said that the clothes don't make the nun! I don’t agree. Personally, I think that the way of dressing reflects what we really are inside ourselves. As far as I am concerned, it is humor, derision and big dose of eccentricity. All of that, thanks to my father. With my mother, He couldn’t buy me dresses or new clothes. The morning, the le week end, he would get me up at 7H00 to go to yard sales or associations collecting clothes, les Flea Market. The objective was to make business! Dad would give me one dollar and I would succeed to find clothes for 50 cents. That is how I created my style. Katy Perry You’re always very close to your audience and I was wondering what captivates you more about men and women who love your music? Katy Perry : Men and women? I would say teenager…anyway, why not ! What captivates me, it is the huge gap between a man and a woman! (laughs). I studied those specimens and I observed them a lot, I can tell you they are not at all  « cabled » the same way !   Well we talk about appearance, do you control what you eat ? Katy Perry : I do sport three times a week. I meditate, do yoga. I love massages and acupuncture. The Chinese medicine, I love it. I drink a lot of green tea and so I spend a lot of time at the toilets! (laughs). But you know, I am also somebody gives everything when I’m on stage. I can tell you that after a a tour, you can eat a lot of tacos or donuts because your burn everything!   Your hair variations ? Katy Perry : They are the reflect of my humor? I try to fit my haircolors with my clothes on stage. They are colors that can’t fit together!   We say you sing for the President Obama. Is he a good dancer? Katy Perry : He is not bad! His daughters are cute. What surprised me, it is the way they protect each other. There’s always one caring of the other. My sister and I were very close but not like Obama’s daughters. You can feel that between those two that there is lots of love and tenderness!   Have you ever been rebellious in your life ? Katy Perry : One day, I asked my mother if I could have a nose piercing! Her "NO" was categorical. I waited her to be at the bank to take a safety pin, a piece of ice and I pierced my nose myself with means at hands! At the moment it was very cute. But now, I think it wasn’t such a good idea because I have a bad scar!
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    Katy Perry, the icon of the extreme colorists . Surfing on the blue, pink, purple waves, the singer gives hair ideas to her fans!   Good news, end of November, in the french salons, you will be able to make-up your hair with the Hairchalk, the ephemeral accessory


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