• Gisele Bündchen, love and simplicity
  • Gisele Bündchen, love and simplicity

  • #yt:d45XryeZt9c Gisele Bündchen is everywhere. She sings a song for H&M – a remake of the Kinks, a part of the profits will be for the UNICEF -, she makes the cover of Vogue Paris in November, and she makes panicked the publicists... However, at the beginning of her career, she was far from unanimous...  
    Marie Signoret
    [multicol]At school, she was given different pretty little names of birds: Olivia Palito – the companion of Popeye in Portuguese -, Somaliana - somalienne - o Saracura – the latter is really a bird name: the whooping crane. Born in 1980 in the Brazilian countryside, with parents descendants of German emigrants, she dreamt of being a professional volleyball player. Her mother had another idea, she paid to Gisele, 13 years old, and to two of her sisters of whom her twin sister, modeling lessons Patricia. At the age of 14, Gisele is noticed by an agent. A squared jawbone, a big nose…the defects of Gisele don’t convince everybody... And Alexander McQueen saw her: delighted, he hires her for one of his sprin-summer fashion-show 1997. Then, muse of Victoria’s Secret during 7 years, she becomes the pin-up of the fashion world: Dior, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Guerlain, Zara, Chloé… And she created her own range of sandals made in recycled PVC for Ipanema...
    [multicol]But more than the professional success, for Gisele, there is love. She survived to the mother of Leonardo DiCaprio during five years, from 2000 to 2005 - Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be a momma's boy, few of his conquests were validated by his mother – but she ran away from the pathological scare of being engaged of the one who played Romeo for Baz Luhrmann. After an adventure of a few months with the surfing champion Kelly Slater – excuse me! -, She fell under the charm of Tom Brady, an American football player. “I will love Tom whatever happens, small, fat or bald.”, she said. A pure love she will defend against the adversities and the journalists too – an hardcore defense because during their wedding in 2009, three bodyguards shot three photographers who came for covering the event, one of them working for the AFP. From their love, two children was born, Benjamin in 2009 and Vivian in 2012, and a huge home in California.
    Gisele [multicol]To show their love of the planet, Gisele and Tom had an “eco palace” built in Los Angeles on the heights of Brentwood. “Ecological Palace”? Some would say it is an oxymoron. Small home sweet home built for the modest price of twenty million dollars. To the Architectural Digest who was visiting her home, she said: “I love simplicity and comfort. I want to live in a place which looks like a real house where you can put your feet on the couch and relax." A simplicity of 1.850 m² nonetheless. And most of all, Gisele denies any failure to her ecological values: her house is equipped with solar panels, water is always cut off when one is brushing ones teeth, 85% of the consumption of vegetables and fruits is produced in the garden, 90% of the materials are recycled and the water is filtered. Well, the gossips which ridicule the little asceticism in this house have to stop!   Simplicity but with a lot of zeros… In 2013, the magazine Forbes announced that she was the world’s highest paid model. Her annual salary is about 42 million dollars. Enough to buy some other solar panels!
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