• Chris Pine - The anti-James Bond
  • Chris Pine - The anti-James Bond

  • After having donned the costume of Captain Kirk in the successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise on the big screen, 33-year-old Chris Pine is back – this time playing Jack Ryan, the CIA agent born out of the imagination of Tom Clancy and made famous by Harrison Ford. He talks to Blush! about his blossoming career.
    Interview Desmond Heights
    After Tony Scott’s Unstoppable and the Star Trek double from J.J. Abrams, here you are, topping the bill of a blockbuster once again... Paradoxically, it was quite an easy shoot. It’s still an action film but Kenneth knew exactly what he wanted. We worked 12 hours a day with three cameras in a relatively efficient way. There was nothing heavy, nothing laborious. In Unstoppable we had 10 cameras – a much more impressive shoot. With Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Kenneth wanted to get straight to the point. It had a good pace, both the scenario and on set. I really liked it.    
    In Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, you are directed by Kenneth Branagh, also a renowned actor. Is it easier to be directed by an actor?
    Clearly there’s a better understanding of the actor’s experience. Kenneth intrinsically knows the moments of doubt that you may go through, the advice you need faced with certain obstacles. He has been there himself. So communication is all the easier for that. He has the way and the words to guide you through a scene.     The press is beginning to compare you to Paul Newman. (He laughs) No, that’s totally inappropriate. Paul Newman was a giant. I don’t deserve such a compliment but if that’s what you think then I’ll take it anyway! Everyone dreams of a career like his. He was such a hugely talented artist with such a long, exemplary career, and a great guy in real life. Everyone dreams of having such a destiny – and of making vinaigrettes as good as his!     If it is a success, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit could become your second franchise after Star Trek. Are you anxious? I’m mostly curious to see how it works. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has lots in common with a film like Marathon Man. The public has got too used to these heroes who, in the space of one film, blow up 20 buildings, know 10 different forms of kung-fu and sleep with four models at once. Thank God that doesn’t happen in our film! This is a spy thriller with moments of intense suspense and calmer moments. And above all with a lead character who uses his head before his fists.    

    Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit release date: January 29.



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