• Nora Arnezeder, the French glamour!
  • Nora Arnezeder, the French glamour!

  • With only 24 years old, Nora Arnezeder is a rising star of the French cinema. As she already played in several movies, the beautiful blonde is a future star, already considered as icon of French beauty. The muse Guerlain plays in the new film by Ariel Zeitoun « Angélique ». With her childish little face, Nora is the new angel actress!
    Christelle Pereira

    Passionate about cinema, dance and singing, Nora Arnezeder started her career in 2006 with TV films and series, but it is in 2008 that the young Nora became famous with her role of Douce in « Faubourg 36 », with Gérard Jugnot, Clovis Cornillac, Kad Merad and Pierre Richard. Nora was very successful and even seduced the other side of the Atlantic since in 2012, she played in « Safe House » with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington. Just that!

    On 18 December, we will see her having the lead role in the film « Angélique » , realized by Ariel Zeitoun, with Gérard Lanvin and Tomer Sisley. Adapted from the novel « Angélique, Marquise des anges » by Anne and Serge Golon, the film had already been adapted to the big screen once in 1964. Nora succeeds Michèle Mercier, icon of the French cinema in the role of Angélique. « Angélique », it’s the story about a young girl of the 17th century, fighting against the injustice and the submission and living in a century fighting against the power, the inequalities and the oppression. « A universal woman » according to Nora. And this role perfectly fits the actress, with an innocent sweet little face, totally angélique ! The young actress even told that she had some things in common with her character particularly « the same thirst for freedom, the same need to express what we think ». A role made for her.

    Nora Arnezeder, is, since 2009 the muse of the perfume « Idylle » de Guerlain. Discreetly, Nora made a name for herself in the French cinema, with class and gentleness, like her looks. Of natural beauty, Nora is the perfect example which shows that it is not necessary to do too much to shine. Make-ups nude, eye liner and lipstick are sufficient to highlight the Nora’s beauty. Regarding the hair, simplicity again. Loose or tousled chignon, this young actress is as elegant as natural with her beautiful golden hair. Nora Arnezeder, icon the French charm, will definitely seduce the audience with « Angélique » since 18 December!

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