• For the celebrations, change your look
  • For the celebrations, change your look

  • This month, synonymous of family reunion and parties, makes you want to show yourself to advantage. Stylish, makeup, hairstyle and others accessories area opportunities of a few changes and investments… yes but they can’t be extreme because you want to reproduce your look at home. Zoom on a few simple transformations.
    Christine Margossian
    Taken in flagrant defiance of change, a few clients of a Genevan brand let themselves guide by the songs of professional mermaids. Program: study of hair colors and morphology for a piece of advice and an immediate action. Noticed when they arrived, we followed a few transformations focusing either on the before/after, or the hair color.


    LENKA - « My hair is very thick and flexible but it doesn’t have shape anymore. I want a haircut not too short with volume and I like red. I never style my hair so I want something practical». After the hair color test and the haircut advice, the session turns toward a red copper shade revealed by a layered bob dried with the hands.


    LUBI - « I’ve had have fine and long hair for a long time and I would like a feminine and soft haircut. I think my hair color is dull, I let you do your best with my face». A neck level with a layered haircut around the face will be realized. A bronze hair color with golden highlights sublimes the whole look. The hairstyle is flexible for a glamour and natural result like the touch of makeup.


    ANITA - « I love my hair color and I don’t want to change it. However my haircut is too heavy, I want to feel my hair moving». In view of the shape of the rectangular face of the young lady, a lightly angled and layered haircut will be realized. Her dense matter is thinned out but not too much so that she can feel the lightness and the movement. A colorless lacquer is applied to highlight her recent highlighting.


    FLORENCE - « I don’t want to cut my hair but I would like to have a woman look and a shiny hair color without damaging my sensitive hair ». The weakened ends are removed with the shoulder-length haircut. The sides are structured in order to pad the face which is quite thin. A patina at the roots lightens the contrast with the old highlights. The hair is shiny and treated!


    CINDY - « I have natural curly hair and I hate that. I straighten it once or twice during day. My hair is broken and my hair color has to be changed. I would like to have thicker and healthy hair ». The study of hair colors helps to choose a shade similar to the natural base of Cindy. Regarding the short haircut, it galvanizes the whole hairstyle and rejuvenates this lady.



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