• Courteney Cox, muse of Pantene Pro-V
  • Courteney Cox, muse of Pantene Pro-V

  • She is one of the star character of the famous series Friends. She is also the heroin of Cougar Town. But today we will talk about her as the muse of the brand Pantene Pro-V for the range Collection Expert AgeDefy.

    Liloo Sevan
    UA specific range designed to fight against the hair ageing. The women observe that after 40 years old, the hair changes: it gets finer, it is broken, it is dry, dull. "We are not much informed about the hair ageing. Myself, I didn’t realize that my hair was getting old, it was when My hairdresser told me he couldn’t detangle my hair that I realized that my hair was changing. Thanks to the Collection Expert AgeDefy, my hair is very healthy". Courteney Cox said.


    Four efficient hair care

    Shampooing AgeDefy
    7,50 € 250 ml
    Specially designed for the complex needs of matured hair, it is rich in nourishing active ingredients which is applied on the hair fiber, from the roots to he ends for an exceptional protection.

    Advanced thickening treatment AgeDefy - 10 € 125 ml Its formula Pro-V XPAND enables to increase the diameter of the existing hair fibers, so it's like you have up to 6,500 more hair strands. A woman of more than 40 years old using that treatment can have the same diameter of hair fiber than a woman who is 10 years younger. After having used this treatment during one month, the hair is not so broken and more disciplined. It can be used also for colored hair.

    After-shampoo AgeDefy
    7,50 € 200 ml
    It contains an anti-age complex with double action which let a protective film which is very fine, homogeneous and even at the surface of the hair surface. It avoids the rubbing between the fibers likely to damage the hair and to create micro cracks. The hair is flexible, looks like natural and healthy.

    Rejuvenating Hydration Mask AgeDefy - 8 € 200 ml This mask rich in anti-age complex intensely nourishes dry hair and repairs dull and split. The hair is not so much broken and it is easy to style.

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