• Lady Gaga, the come-back!
  • Lady Gaga, the come-back!

  • The icon of the Pop Music comes back with a new album « ArtPop » . For about 5 years, Lady Gaga has been making the news. Iconic and uncommon personage, many persons compare her to Madonna. Focus on the phenomenon Lady Gaga, queen of the chic provocation!

    Christelle Pereira

    Lady Gaga, real name: Steffani Germanotta, is passionate about art and music since she was a child. Of Italian origin, she was born and grew up in New York, a city which inspired her a lot Self taught-woman, she learned to play piano, to compose and interpret her own songs. After having had difficult beginnings and composed for many artists like Fergie, in 2008 Gaga signed under the label of Akon, Kon Live Distribution. Her 1st album, « The Fame » was released in October 2008 and has a great success in the whole world thanks to many hits like « Just Dance », « Poker Face » or « Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say ». And since 2008 she is still very successful. The artist received about 240 awards since the beginning of her career. After a short break after a hip operation, Lady Gaga comes back this year with a new album « Artpop », 2 years after the success of « Born This Way ». The first single « Applause », performed live for the first time at the MTV Music Awards in Brooklyn, was very successful.

    Lady Gaga is a passionate about fashion. With Chic and choc outfits, the young New-Yorker masters the art of the provocation and style. And even too much sometimes… Her famous meat dress worn during the MTV Video Awards in 2010 was in the news and became a highly controversial issue. Fan of Versace, Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler, Gaga extols the avant-gardism and dares to wear very futuristic clothes and accessories. A style which is worked and created by a whole team dedicated to the look of the singer called Haus Of Gaga which creates her outfits but also her wigs and her hats. The extravagance of the singer can also be seen with her hair. From platinum blonde hair at her beginnings, Lady Gaga wears now a more discreet iced brown hair, but she tried all the haircolors and all the hairstyles: canary yellow, pink, turquoise…


    Lady Gaga is really the star artist of this decade, a colorful personage which catches the eyes. By the way, a 3 days exhibition in her honour was created in New York and Los Angeles the day after the release of her new album. This overflow of eccentricity could banalize the singer but for the moment, the 27 year old young New-Yorker remains the 2nd most influential star in 2013 according to the magazine Forbes !

    Lady Gaga Applause MTV VMA 2013 HD from cuneyt cayir on Vimeo.

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