• Amanda Seyfried, new beauty muse
  • Amanda Seyfried, new beauty muse

  • After her roles in the musicals Mamma Mia, Lovelace or even the Misérables, Amanda Seyfried was chosen to succeed to the beautiful Liv Tyler as the muse of Very irresisitible by Givenchy, apart from the Japanese cosmetics brand Clé de Peau. Spotlight on a young American woman which drives red carpets crazy.
    Maud Marjolet

    A supporter of 100 % natural
    The Hollywood star preaches the « less is more ». To start, the beautiful blonde girl clears her face woth the soft clearing foam by « Clé de peau » and applies a day cream and a corrector to highlight her light-dispersing complexion. No need to put too much makeup to highlight her natural beauty.
    A black mascara to bend her lashes, an iridescent eye shadow with purple reflects to highlight her green eyes and a nude mouth to let her eyes be the stars. Sometimes, she enhances her look with a touch of mascara and a black eye liner, with a red intense and luminous lipstick. Her secret ? Bet on the eyes or the mouth, never both at the same time !

    Her secret for a great hair
    The young actress washes her hair every three days and uses as a complement a dry shampoo Kevin Murphy when it gets too greasy. Her favorite hair cares are Bumble & Bumble, range Crème de coco.
    Regarding the hairstyle, the beauty remains always very natural but always well-groomed. With a beautiful blonde hair, she can do everything she wants, sophisticated chignon, fishtail braid or even the very glamour undulated side.

    Sophisticated at any moment
    As an American, Amanda Seyfried masters her look to perfection, both femme fatale and baby doll. She wears casual clothes during the day: jean, short, t-shirt, ballet pumps or a suit and trench Burberry with classical heels on the red carpets with haute couture dresses signed Lanvin, Valentino, Marc Jacobs or even Armani. We love it !



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