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    Recently revealed to the public in The Voice and through the social networks, Fréro Delavega, two singers/musicians, Jérémy Frérot and Flo Delavega.
    Maud Marjolet
    Two friends from the Arcachon Basin. Their album mixing the tunes of guitar, acoustic melodies with a folk accent is a real success, and their golden voice like their sex-appeal will not leave you indifferent ! Zoom on that two promising talents.

    Angel faces

    Three days beard, tousled/styled hair for one, asymmetric haircut for the other, the Frero Delavega master their look like their image. Both accomplices seduce girls with their beautiful dark hair, blue eyes for Flo and a mysterious look for Jérémy, Both handsome guys throw the female public into a panic !

    A careful look

    A denim shirt, a striped jersey, a tank top or even cotton shorts, two young singers who care a lot about their look. A look with southwest accents, always very relaxed but always in the wind.
    They will be touring in all parts of France from 16 October !
  • Frero Delavega, a new southwest wind

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