• The best Christmas memory of Jérôme Guézou
  • The best Christmas memory of Jérôme Guézou

  • Sara Svati

    He moved to Paris in the eighties to win his spurs in the group "Lucie St Clair" then in the independent salon "Jo".
    Renowned for his artistic talents and for his creative spirit, he entered in the team of the ID Artists, participating to many shows and fashion shows. Then hairdresser ambassador of the brand l’Oréal Professionnel, he created the concept Store Angel Studio with Sébastien Bafcop.

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    When we asked him what was his best Christmas memory, he said, filled with emotion:

    " I remember, I was in my eight grader, I knew for a long time that I will be a hairdresser. I then looked for and found a hairdressing salon where I wanted to learn. And to be sure to have a position, I proposed my services for every Saturday, public holidays and during school holidays... I wanted to put all the odds on my side because in the small towns of Normandy, positions were very limited.

    And then, Christmas miracle, on 24th December, the owner of the salon wanted my services ! I was so glad to hear that ! Straightaway, I went to buy a very nice pair of flannel trousers, a white blouse and a tie. Then a very crazy day !
    At that time, women had to go to the hairdresser before Christmas Eve. Between reception and coffee, towels, shampoos, broom, small perm papers to unfold, pre-drying, the clients leaving with a happy face and with chocolate.
    Starting at nine in the morning and finishing at ten o'clock in the evening !Barely enough time to have a shower and to take care of my scalds on my thighs due to the rubbing of my flannel pants !

    I finally entered in what would be my future life.

    I sat down around the table at 22h30 with all my family. Impatient to tell them about my amazing day, I did it while eating my foie gras and before midnight, exhausted, I fell asleep.
    It was the only time in my life when I wasn't with my family during all Christmas Eve long. But I was the most happiest teenager in the world ! I finally entered in what would be my future life".

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    His beauty tips for the festive season

    Regarding the Christmas Eve hairstyle, I recommend a chic and glamour hairstyle. On short hair, I apply a gel then I make like a wave on the front... The same for long hair, but I create my wave with a front headband and I do a "dancer" mini - chignon. For a more "rock and festive" effect, I apply some white hairspray and I put some silvered glitters for a winter and magic look.
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