• Electric hair: Help, what to do ?
  • Electric hair: Help, what to do ?

  • Sara Svati

    Why do I have electric hair ?

    Like the magnet, the opposite charges attract each other. Ionization - tiny particles positively charged within the hair - in contact with objects like hair brushes or hats negatively charged will be automatically attracted to each other.
    Result : the hair reacts, sticks to your face or stands up.
    Furthermore, the air is cold and dry in winter, the hair needs hydration and is getting dry very fast which accentuates even more the phenomenon.
    The excessive frictions don't help because they create static electricity.

    How to avoid that ?

    Step by step, here a few pieces of advice to fight the look "fingers in the plug".
    Choose a shampoo which sill no harm your scalp and a conditioner with or without rinsing. It will soften the hair fiber and it will nourish it. When you rinse the hair, use lukewarm water rather than cold water.
    Don't rub your hair in the rowel but "wipe it" softly. Dry your hair at mild temperature and use a wood boar bristle brush but no plastic !
    You can also apply products rich in aloe vera gel on the ends of your hair which will hydrate it. When your hair is dry, put some spray to maintain your hairstyle.
    Even the daily objects are treacherous: Indeed, the clothes or the accessories don't absorb or almost absorb the ambient humidity and become perfect electrical conductors. So be careful to the sweaters, hats or synthetic and acrylic clothes.
    Last trick: Without touching your hair, put your hands in the water and rub them. Magic, they get rid of their static electricity and your hair is not flying anymore !


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