• Laure Gabillet wakes up the beauty  inside you !
  • Laure Gabillet wakes up the beauty inside you !

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    After having enjoyed the experience of Daniel Harlow, Laure Gabillet integrated the Haute Coiffure house Alexandre de Paris. Since 2011, this great artist has been running a hairdressing salon in the 16th district of Paris. Exclusive interview by Livecoiffure.
    Sara Svati

    Livecoiffure : Due to your professional fame, the clients want to meet you, how are you living that experience ?
    Laure Gabillet : Knowing that many persons want to meet me for my know-how is always flattering and enriching.
    The most important is to be here for the client, offer them a regular and personalized follow up. You must assist them regularly, they must feel well styled at home in their everyday life and also for a particularly occasion.
    With my team, we asked our clients about their habits and how much time they spend to style and to dry their hair in order to better understand them and help them as much as we can.

    Livecoiffure : You talk a lot about the makeover, what does it mean for you ?
    Laure Gabillet : I don't really like that word…It is used a lot. I rather think that it is a question of enhancing the person thanks to personalized advice. Before thirty years, some of the women don't often accept the features of their face and will avoid to be different to fit in the mould.
    I try then, to apply the principle of the shape of the face (visagisme). I will, for example, correct the volume, propose other products than those used by the clients, etc… Women over 30 pass a milestone and want to highlight a personality trait, the advice is more refined. I ask them what kind of image they want to express according to their professional or private life.
    I apply then the morphopsychology method which brings out a strong personality trait so that they can finally assert themselves.

    Livecoiffure : With you slogan « Révélez… qui est en vous » (reveal what's inside you), how the lambda consumer can identify with your strong images of collection?
    Laure Gabillet : There is no relation between the collections, shows, fashion shows which are part of an artistic approach and what I can offer to the women when they come in my salon or during my trainings. The collections make people dream, this is a very esthetical thing.
    I can also use it to train my trainees and as ambassador of the brand Wella, I use their products. In brief, the hairstyles I do every day in my salon correspond more to the prêt-à-porter and the artistic collections to the haute-couture. Both are very different worlds.

    Coiffures - Laure Gabillet / Photographe - Stéphane Pironon

    Livecoiffure : With your collection « Beauty Sin », you mix beauty with divine and sin, what message do you want to transmit ?
    Laure Gabillet : I think that we are the victims of society, of appearance.We endure a dictatorship of the image and I wanted to break the codes.
    Doing that, we are like the masters of this society and we can transmit a message : free will. Everybody can play with their beauty.

    Livecoiffure : How long do you need to do a collection hairstyle ?
    Laure Gabillet : For a collection, everything is thought six months in advance. Whether it is about the theme, the choice of the models, the drawings, the hairstyle, the make-up, the clothes, the photograph, everything must planned in advance. This year, we had the chance to collaborate with two famous models: Rip Vazquez who made the campaign of Adopte un mec, and Alexia Giordano who appears actually in the cast « Monstres » of the Galeries Lafayette.

    Livecoiffure : You are now an official partner of the program Reines du Shopping broadcasted on M6… Why have you made that choice ?
    Laure Gabillet : M6 contacted me to propose me that partnership.I accepted because the principle of the program "Reines du Shopping" - which consists in buying clothes and making oneself beautiful according to a theme within a given time limit and with an established budget - fit the values I defend.
    I think that every woman can be beautiful in their own style if they know which details to be highlighted, which hairstyle fit them, which care products to use, etc… In the context of the program, I receive the candidates in the salon to take care of them.

    Coiffures - Laure Gabillet / Photographe - Stéphane Pironon

    Livecoiffure : Can you tell us about Wella and your role of ambassador ?
    Laure Gabillet : At the time, the brand hired me when I was working for Mod’s hair, it's been sixteen years now. I accepted to become ambassador for Wella because it's an enriching experience to transmit my know how and to help others. Organizing trainings enables to exchange, build something new.

    Livecoiffure : You love creating and participating to fashion shows for the artistic side… What are the real consequences of these shows and how do you feel ?
    Laure Gabillet : It's difficult to know the future.
    It's rather the pedagogic side which is important.The shows aim at showing an image, exchanging, promoting the products and especially mixing art and creation. This is a real passion ! When a person tells me she feels beautiful, that's a real recompense.
    Everything is enriching. The shows, the training, my hairdressing salon !

    Livecoiffure : Would you like to say something more or to transmit a message ?
    Laure Gabillet : I would like to tell the hairdressers realize that they have their place today. It is very important to be in the advice, accompaniment. This is a real turning point ! We must help the clients in their daily life, give them professional advice, different from what you can find on the internet for example.

    Salon de coiffure Laure Gabillet
    10, rue Jean Bologne 75016 Paris
    Phone : 01 45 25 08 24

    Corpyright "Beauty Sin" Collection
    Hairstyle: Laure Gabillet
    Artistic Director: Cyril Nanino
    Makeup: Mariana Miteva
    Styling: Bertille Tabourot
    Mannequins: Alexia Giordano (Crystal Model Management) and Rip Vazquez
    Photographer: Stéphane Pironon


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