• Nolwenn Leroy from Finistère to the stage
  • Nolwenn Leroy from Finistère to the stage

  • The most glamorous of Breton singers des chanteuses is none other than Nolwenn Leroy. The ex star of the “Star Academy” has a very full career but not only that ! She is also the muse of the hair care brand Pantene, focus on her secrets of beauty to be the most beautiful.
    Maud Marjolet

    Diaphanous beauty

    AWith her glamorous look, the beautiful Breton singer embodies authenticity and freshness. To take care of her porcelain complexion, Nolwenn uses the foundation Aqua Lumière by Chanel et and always keeps her brush pencil Touche Eclat d’Yves Saint Laurent. To highlight her azul eyes, a touch of mascara, Phenomen’Eyes by Givenchy.

    Intense black hair

    Nolwenn without her intense black hair would not be Nolwenn anymore ! The beautiful brunette always had her beautiful black long hair and you know why ! With or without fringe, wavy or smoothed, her hair shines. Muse of Pantène, she uses the repairing and protective products Pantène, a cheap efficient ritual of hair cares.


    The culture of mystery

    Nolwenn Leroy shares the life of the tennis man and the captain of the French team, Arnaud Clément. They have been in love for 6 years now. But you won't know more about it because , contrary to the couple Jay Z and Beyoncé, Nolwenn and Arnaud vowed to not expose their private life to the public. Nolwenn as a similar beauty to Isabelle Adjani; they both have blue eyes, a diaphanous skin, intense black hair but also a mystery culture. That's elegance too.


    Nolwenn is a talented singer but also a woman with style. She shines on the red carpet, wearing beautiful black low necked dress for a total glam'chic look. In her everyday life , her favorite outfit: a pair of jeans, a V pull and beautiful heels, an urban chic and fashion look.


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