• Dare to wear hair perfume!
  • Dare to wear hair perfume!

  • Sara Svati

    What does contain that perfume ?

    parfumOften, one associates the perfume with alcohol. But the perfume contains a aromatic concentrate, a support and a fixing agent.
    The support will define if the perfume is rich in oil, alcohol or solid substances. It doesn't always contain alcohol. The perfumes aid to be alcoholic have ethyl alcohol support -neutral substance- which doesn't change the fragrances of the aromatic concentrate. You can find the eaux de parfums which contains between 8 and 20 % of alcohol and the eaux de toilette between 6 and 12 %.

    What's the role of the alcohol in the perfume ?

    The alcohol which is very volatile evaporates very fast to leave room to the odorous substances on the skin. It is responsible for the feeling of freshness that you can fill on the skin after its application.
    But it is especially for its conservative function which makes last the smell and the product that the alcohol is used in the perfume. So is there a risk for my scalp ?

    The hair perfume can damage my scalp ?

    photl.comFortunately, it's not the case ! Designed especially for our graceful hair, the hair perfume will not dry your hair or your scalp.
    For those with very dry hair or afro hair, apply a bit of serum or oil to protect it then add your perfume. The major advantage is that the hair will always smell well.
    You just need to make sure you don't spray too close to the scalp, do it at about thirty centimeters of the head.
    If you want to avoid alcohol, you can always buy hair mists, without alcohol.

    A few ideas of hair perfumes:
    Hair mist, Angel, Thierry Mugler, 34,90 € 35 ml
    Hair mist, J’adore, Dior 40,50 € 30 ml
    Hair mist, Chanel numéro 5, 45,90€ 35 ml
    Hair mist, Coco Mademoiselle, 40,90 € 35 ml


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