• Kristina Pimenova : An enigmatic angel !
  • Kristina Pimenova : An enigmatic angel !

  • Sara Svati
    A sweet face, long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, an angelic air, Kristina Pimenova seduced many persons and great brands: Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Vogue or even Benetton, nine years old and the child has a real model career which makes everybody jealous ! Born in Moscow in 2005, the Russian little girl started her career at the age of three.

    A princess hair

    With her long golden hair, the hairstyle possibilities of Kristina are multiple: loose hair, undulated or even straight, her angel face is highlighted through many ways and is still radiant... A plaited crown to highlight even more her blue look or a fashion fishtail braid, the stylists have a big choice to highlight her face. It is surprising that you still can't see her walk in the spotlight of the big hairdressing brands with such a hair...

    An increasing popularity…

    The little girl gathers more than 2,5 millions of fans on Facebook, more than 600 000 on Instagram without forgetting the other networks or platforms like Youtube. Many websites are dedicated to her. Her mother handles her digital image and publishes professional and personal photos to the delight of her fans.

    But a little girl who wants to be like any other little girl…

    Kristina Pimenova takes classes at the school every day like any other of her friends. She goes to a primary school in Moscow and takes classes of artistic gymnastic. She loves Alice's adventures in Wonderland, pizza and like any other little girl of her age, she believes in fairy tales, eveb if she is too young to realize it, she is having one actually.


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