• An after shower hairstyle… so fashion !
  • An after shower hairstyle… so fashion !

  • Christine Margossian

    Your hair is dripping with water after the shower, you think that during that step you just look bad… no way, you are at the top of the tendencies seen during the fashion weeks !
    You just need to make the leap and dare wearing that new fashion style.

    The wet chignon

    The best to discipline your wet hair especially if you do sport after that and you're going to sweat ! Detangle your hair and gather it down on the neck in a ponytail.
    Twist your obtained strand and fix it around your hair tie with hairpins.
    You are fast styled and in addition to that undeniable saving time… if you go out at the end of the day you will just need to undo your chignon and if you're lucky enough, you will obtain a wavy effect.

    After the swimming pool

    As when you tilt your hair back in the water to the face free, tilt your hair back and with your fingers apply some gel.
    To maintain the movement, spray liquid gel. Naiad ambiance ! You can "sophisticate" your creation with a side movement.
    For that, part your hair on the side before styling your hair. Everything on wet hair of course, but that sure you already knew that.
    Of course, natural styling is more fashion whether for the hairstyles or for the hair colors but go that far with hair dripping with water and gel ! The hair is normally an accessory which you beautiful.
    With tendencies, not sure clients will come back dreaming to the hairdressing salon !


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