• Fifty shades of grey: fall for the grey !
  • Fifty shades of grey: fall for the grey !

  • Sara Svati

    Is anyone can wear grey hair color ?

    Far from being old fashioned, grey hair comes back in force ! For the ones who already have silver strands, keep it. The natural process of canities – grayness of the hair - is not a fatality ! On the contrary, it is the opportunity to jump ahead and to adopt the total silver color !
    Women with brown and blonde hair can wear that color by bleaching their hair but neither the brunettes or the ginger can have it at risk of losing their pretty hair. Indeed, the more the hair contains melanin the more difficult it is to bleach the hair ! It is the eumelanin which determines the color of the hair depending of its melanin concentration. The more important is the quantity of melanin the more the hair is dark and vice versa. A small concentration of black eumelanin will give grey hair.
    That's why, during the process of artificial bleaching, the hydrogen peroxide goes through different steps and gives to darker hair a reddish color then orange, yellowish and finally white. If you don't want to look sad, don't hesitate to dress with many colors and to accentuate your makeup with acidulous colors !

    How to have a silver color ?

    Only at your hairdresser's ! It's a real process of bleaching, doing it at home might damage your hair. With a professional, the result is more convincing and will last longer and will not damage your hair. You will avoid the yellow or orange marks on the roots. To take care of the color and to avoid a yellow color, regularly use adapted products.
    The purple shampoos which neutralize the graceless yellow reflections must be used twice a week max.
    The shampoo Silver de L’Oréal professionnel, especially adapted, les fleurs du mâle by Lush, etc... You can find them in several brands. Other product to apply on wet hair, a Detangling conditioner spray for blonde or grey hair anti-yellow and hydrating of the brand Revlon Professional. This spray contains a perfumed two phase solution to protect the hair all day long against the aggressions leading to the yellow color.
    Les fleurs du Mâle, Lush, 17,45 € les 250 ml
    Detangling conditioner, Revlon, 18.90 € les 200 ml
    Chroma Care, L’Oréal Professionnel, 11,50€ les 150ml
    Silver, L’Oréal Professionnel, 11,50 € les 250 ml

    Repigment the hair color

    The hair care Chroma Care by l’Oréal Professionnel enables to repigment the hair until the next shampoo. The hair is much shinier especially when the hair tends to turn dull and the color disappears. The hair care is quick: ten minutes, rinsing and that's it ! L'Oréal professionnel Chroma care, irisé 17 € les 150 ml


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