• Watch this talent: Ali Had hairdresser in Metz
  • Watch this talent: Ali Had hairdresser in Metz

  • A real obstacle course for that thirty-year-old hairdresser from Metz. A lover of American rap since he was seven, the young Ali has only one dream: looking like his idols on MTV and adopting their hair style. Just one step for the birth of a vocation.
    Christine Margossian

    Ali, where does that passion for hairdressing come from ?
    When I was young, I would watch all the time MTV and the American rappers. I wanted to have their hair style which was very short at the time, so in the nineties, there were very few them wearing that kind of hair style. So I went to the hairdresser with a model and catastrophe, I walked back out with a bowl cut !
    I thought during all night long to find a solution and the next day, I borrowed the clippers of my brother, I went to the bathroom and during about two hours, I corrected the imperfections. That was just perfect ! In the street, people would stop me to ask me who cut me and from that moment, at the age on eleven, I started my first haircuts… in the family garage ! !
    At the beginning, one friend the two friends etc. Of course, I was doing it for free and then I started to be paid. I would come back from school, leave my schoolbag and I would start to work from 18h to 21h and on Sunday from 10h to 23h ! Crazy isn't it ?

    And so the next step was a hairdressing school ?
    Not at all ! During a meeting with a career counselor, I presented my dream: being a hairdresser. She laughed at me, my friends too.
    At the time, I was a bit agitated during classes and no one took me seriously laughing at the hairdressers and their reputation of their sexual orientation. This even led me to the director and I was expelled from school during one week. Amazing. I was forced to do a BEP in commerce (school leaving diploma) that I obtained without motivation. Fortunately, one day walking in front of the hairdressing school in Metz, I entered and Madame Genco opened her arms to the young passionate that I was. Thanks to her, I made my dream come true.


    Today, you are settled in Metz, what kind of clients do you have and are you specialized in male hairdressing ?
    My clients of the garage are now very faithful to me and some of them became famous footballers like Romain Metanire, Gaëtan Bussmann or Bouna Sarr. This explains my reputation in the football club of Metz but I would like to point out that I'm not the hairdresser of the whole team - laughter -.
    I'm clearly specialized in male hairstyles and as a barber but not only that. I also develop technical specialties which attract women in particular the hair straightening. Indeed, I was the first salon to offer hair straightening in Metz of the brand Liss factor.

    I heard that you will shortly be part of the team of trainers of Cylea CAC. A beautiful revenge for the black sheep of the national education ?
    Ah yes indeed becoming a trainer this is the height ! I start on 23 February in the head office of the Central Association of hairdresser - CAC – Metz. Where I attended your training with diligence my dear Christine… My first theme is the art of shaving but I also thought up transmitting the information about the formula with the collection Phantasmes. This will happen in a second time.

    And how do you see your future Ali ?
    I have the objective of creating my own collections through press kits but like in my salon woman is as important as man. And of course I want to be recognized by my peers thanks to the animation of trainings.

    That's the worse I wish for you Ali and I promise that one day I will be your student in my turn to learn how to play with the clippers like you.

    Spring/ Summer "Phantasmes" Collection
    Cyléa Formations By CAC

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