• Back on the Beauté Sélection in Nantes  and the show Keune with Mickaël Ribeiro.
  • Back on the Beauté Sélection in Nantes and the show Keune with Mickaël Ribeiro.

  • Mickaël Ribeiro Show Keune- Photo David Poirot


    The Beauté Sélection in Nantes took place on 1 and 2 March during which the hairdressing, beauty and esthetics professionals were present. The salon enabled the visitors to discover the last tendencies with regard to hairdressing, makeup, care, well-being, nails and spa.
    Sara Svati
  • Back on the Beauté Sélection in Nantes  and the show Keune with Mickaël Ribeiro.
  • The Beauté Sélection in Nantes aims at developing new techniques through hairdressing and esthetics workshops and also at discovering the latest professional materials; hair care products, products for beauty centers, cosmetic nail products, extensions, accessories, etc…

    The salon gathers many professionals, perfect to create and develop new relations: future partners, providers, institutions, training centers, etc… Just some information ? Conferences and work shows have marked these two days and enabled to exchange and to meet experts and specialists. The brands Eugene Perma, Vitality’s and Keune were there.

    What's special about that salon is especially the opportunity to attend fashion shows where the new collections are presented in live! You can watch unique stage performances where the dimension of the artistic shows tale on their full importance.

    For that occasion, we asked Mickaël Ribeiro, Ambassador Keune to come back on that experience...

  • Livecoiffure : What did you think about the beauté sélection in Nantes ?
    Mickaël Ribeiro : The beauté Sélection was really good, there was a good ambiance even if it wasn't very big. During the work show, there was many people, I was very happy.
    I explained to them what we were doing in the salon. I wanted to make them understand that it is not so important to know how to do a certain haircut from a catalogue -because they are professionals- but to explain them my way of working. Understanding the client and adapting to their desire makes them happy !
    When I work with my fingers and the scissors for example, I need to touch the material, to feel the thickness, etc…. I believe in the sensitivity of the persons and I adapt myself to them, I try to understand them, I listen to them and that way I do things better.


    Livecoiffure : Could you tell us more about the show ?
    Mickaël Ribeiro :We wanted to do something different from what we generally present. We called on different persons, a DJ, a soundtrack and a dancer before and during the show. The flames have created much interest, the aim was to have a great show just that so that people don't get bored and there is always ambiance.
    I wanted that once the audience seated, they appreciate the hairdressing shows but also the "down time". The aim was to have always an interactive activity. I would like to thank Jeremy Barillaro(Zoomonu) for the video production, the DJ Davibe alias David Grossman, Loren Foster the fire and also Aurélie Samson my hairdresser on stage and my assistants Ludovic Quaranta and Margot Da Silva. Without forgetting Soubhan Zinoune, DG Keune and Elfie Vannouque for the great organization of these events !


  • Back on the Beauté Sélection in Nantes  and the show Keune with Mickaël Ribeiro.
  • Livecoiffure : What did you do on the stage ?
    Mickaël Ribeiro : I worked with different tools like the clippers and the scissors for the square bases to make full bobs. They are still in the current tendency. The haircuts that we make are defined according to the models and according what they want.
    They are not models but girls we chose in the street and they accepted to play the game and I thanks them for that. For the show of Aix-en-Provence, there will be more transformations. I'm not here to show the perfect haircut but to inspire people. For the chignons, Aurélie my partner, has been working a lot on that. We are a single-minded team.


    Livecoiffure : What are your sources of inspiration ?
    Mickaël Ribeiro : For the dress with the rings, we found the idea watching the fashion show Dior, we take the things we see and we reinterpret them, that's fashion. Regarding the idea of leather and handcuffs, we were strongly influenced by the phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey. By dint of hearing about it…
    The aim was not to show the authoritarian aspect because we strongly respect women but it did inspire us; we realized that after, that wasn't voluntary but we came close to the theme unintentionally. Regarding the handcuffs, we are used to see a hairdresser working on stage and not other persons and it is very important to me to collaborate with my team, without them I am nothing. I give them the possibility of showing off, we just need to understand each other and to get along well with complicity. The general cohesion between the persons is essential.
    By tying two persons, you still have two other hands and united by the same desire: styling or cutting at best the hair of the model.


    Livecoiffure : How was the experience in comparison to the Beauté Sélection in Lyon ?
    Mickaël Ribeiro : There's no comparison to make, the organization was great in both cases. We especially like to exchange between professionals, even other things, to understand each other. I'm always very inspired when I leave these events, I get many ideas. I really like both experiences, the organizers did a good job and I thank them. The only difference I see is that North and South people are different but this is exciting because we get experiences from that, the haircuts, the hair colors, everything is done differently.


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