• Embark on a better world with Francine Ladrière !
  • Embark on a better world with Francine Ladrière !

  • Boarding Pass Collection - Francine Ladrière


    Francine Ladrière, this creator full of experience has more than one trick up her sleeve: Image inventor, manager of a training organism, devoted to the cause                  « L’image de soi par la perruque » (image of oneself with the wig). Meeting with that exceptional woman who has the head in the stars but who keeps her feet on the ground.
    Sara Svati
  • Embark on a better world with Francine Ladrière !
  • Livecoiffure : Tell us how everything begun ?

    Francine Ladrière : Since I was young, I've always been fascinated by that profession, everything begun with a beautiful meeting, an excellent apprenticeship manager then I worked during seven years in high range salon. This was a revelation ! a new job of relay manager in a salon Saint Algue, the springboard was huge. I had access to many trainings and the chance to be part of the artistic team of the franchise.

    I was under the wing of Cathy Monnier-artistic director Saint Algue at that time and Franck Avogadri, uncontested master of chignon intervened several times to transmit his know-how. As I was one of the twelve finalists, I styled the Miss France and Miss Europe. Thanks to the exchanges and communication with other professionals, I pursued my career with a strong motivation. I specialized myself in training in a training organization where I was the artistic manager. Three years ago I left the nest opening my own training organism and creating the concept « L'image de soi par la perruque » (image of oneself with the wig).


    Livecoiffure : You participated to the shows de Miss France and Miss Europe, what benefits can be drawn from it ?

    Francine Ladrière : Precision and surpassing myself. You must be perfect, quick, the exactitude is demanded and must be absolute. When you are part of the finalist, the word « rigor » is particularly appropriate. When I started at that time, I had the chance to style Sonia Rolland during her crowning moment.

    I then followed her during her Miss France year. This was a beautiful experience, I got out of my comfort zone. The challenge pushes again and again the limits, to move forward, to challenge yourself. I didn't choose that profession to keep doing the same things, I chose it for its diversity. You always have to question yourself, the clients are very sensitive to the propositions. You must retain them, make always suggestions.

  • Embark on a better world with Francine Ladrière !
  • Livecoiffure : You are also a trainer, what does it bring you ?

    Francine Ladrière : Training enables to better understand the persons, this is a sharing of  positive energy. Our profession is complicated, the hands and the mind are constantly active, you must be available, a good listener, must express very well, it is essential to be very trained and informed ! The clients trust the hairdresser, the latter can make it more beautiful or ugly, the smallest mistake on the face is visible straightaway and if the haircut is failed, catastrophe ! If a client comes back, it's because she likes your work and at that moment ¡ you can be proud of you !

    The best clients are those who come back ! This is really painful for a hairdresser to not retain the clients. In this universe we are creative persons and those persons are emotional. What I prefer with training, it is transmitting the know-how and the desire to the professionals  The training is interactive and the exchange is very important. As creators, we must enrich each other, unity creates strength ! When I train a team, they must understand that the training is essential, a new technique - geometrical, texturization- a real creation entity, it is an added value for the client !

    I propose two kinds of training: one regarding what a hairdresser needs to grow up in his/her creation and his/her enterprise development, with haircuts, chignons… and another one regarding the hair prosthesis and my concept. At the beginning, I was choked to learn all about that illness, the medical part. And the distress of these women ! This is unimaginable for me to not using our know-how and our art at the service of their well being !

  • Embark on a better world with Francine Ladrière !
  • Livecoiffure : Specializing yourself in the hair prosthesis, you meet both medical esthetic needs for women. Why did you decide to start that project « L’image de soi par la perruque » ?


    Francine Ladrière : For me, human exchange is important ! Each year during Octobre Rose (pink october), during that month of national mobilization, it is important to be present as a hairdresser and as a human to remind everybody what is the cancer fight. I then try to do all I can.


    Last year, for example, I challenge a male manager who has just male colleague, I proposed that the 15 employees wear a female wig during one day, these butchers felt totally connected to the cause.


    The media were there and the donations collected were given to the cancer space of Douai. Humanly, that was great ! Today, in our society, we need to be united, just remember the recent events with  Je suis Charlie. We need more and more human values !

  • Regarding the subject L’image de soi par la perruque, it was not the illness that touched me but rather the distress of these women faced to their hair loss. Their comments are very strong when they say:" Everything is taken from me, even my identity". The concept that I developed totally changes the approach you have with a sick client, there are no barriers anymore and I can read in their eyes their gratitude. The alopecia is not seen the same way anymore. They feel more reassured with haircuts which fit them. The partners affiliated to the concept work also the same way I this is magic.


    I think that not anybody should have the right to sell wigs ! You must be a hair and image expert ! We can't do any mistake when we start to sculpt the prosthesis ! A hair prosthesis lasts around one year and regularly my clients ask me to cut their wig after a few months to change look ! It is good to see that they are happy so much that they consider their wig as their own hair !

    Regarding the process, each consultation takes place in a private cabin to preserve the intimacy of the person. After a morphotstylism study, to determine the priorities, I draw the geometry to reproduce and its color palette to respect. I enter in her universe, the artistic part comes on the scene and very fast the illness is forgotten. We do not sell dream, this is on the contrary, very concrete. The testimonies of my clients are strong and deeply moving when they say « you saved my life ! »

  • Embark on a better world with Francine Ladrière !
  • Livecoiffure : How do you proceed for the creation of a wig and how much does it cost approximately ?


    Francine Ladrière : Diagnostic, advice and sculpting are part of the price of the wig, we ensure that the price is globalized. On average, a sculpted wig costs between 250 and 700 Euros for the synthetic fibers. Of course, there are variations between short and long hair. We have models with extensible weaving, mid range models with a certain comfort. The highest the range is, the more hand assemblies there are and the more comfortable the client will be, this is what makes the difference of price. The color palette varies a lot. I love working with the products Complément hair which is my partner.


    Livecoiffure : Let's come back to more artistic things, you released your last collection Summer Spring boarding pass, could you explain us the concept?

    Francine Ladrière : A collection is thought in advance, it is prepared about nine months before. Actually, I am present at all the fashion shows which generally present the tendencies almost two years in advance. I am inspired by architecture, art, different materials, all interactions possible and unimaginable between all these different elements ! The people in the street are also a source of inspiration, you must be a good observer ! In a collection, you must have a special technique, one for long hair, mid-length hair, short hair ; there's always a central thread, a global idea.


    I think also about a guideline in the three haircuts and a same texturization (thinning). In my collection Boarding pass, I wanted to transmit the idea of invitation to travelling. I wanted also to show a completely autonomous woman with a personality but who remains totally glamour. The woman of today can be very sexy and masculine at the same time, this ambivalence is what makes the woman of today, emancipated and even rebellious. The short cut remains very feminine and, according to the contrasts of color, adds strength and softness.


    Boarding Pass, was created for a natural, fashion or sophisticated summer. The French women 2015 is beautiful and rebellious but remains extremely glamorous  !


    Livecoiffure : Recently, you participated to a hairdressing show organized by Fauvert Professionnel with the theme Pop Art. For that occasion, the brand launched a new range of styling products Structure Line, could you tell us more about that evening ?

    Francine Ladrière : The evening took place at the Hôtel Renaissance in Aix en Provence, a magical place ! The aim of the theme was to remind all the colors of the range   Structure Line ! The stylisme, created by Benoit Witkowski, of white plastic, with geometric colored shapes which remind the packaging Structure Line and accessories of plexiglass. Amandine Faraco, the professional makeup artist understood my expectations and made a very Twiggy makeup, the flashy freckles and the eyes XXL.

    The hairstyles, haircuts on stage were the most beautiful part. Fauvert trust me, a French brand which is in harmony with my convictions. We've been closer for one year now, they loved my collections I transmit to the clients Fauvert everywhere in France. Tomorrow maybe, I will be even more implicated with Fauvert professionnel… Who know !


    Livecoiffure : What are your projects for 2015 ?

    Francine Ladrière : Shows, shows, shows, shows ! [laughter] the world show is approaching and Italy asked me foe a Parisian show... Many things are happening and concretizing. We prepare for the Beauté sélection in Lyon in Autumn ! We are already working on that... After that, I have other projects but I don't think about long term projects but rather medium term in order to better consolidate things and not be disappointed after.  I have a precise work perception: If you want that the people be seduced by long term projects and not only once, you must work a lot before  you must have a real follow up after, this is essential ! This a profession which keeps evolving so I wanted to transmit a message it would be « Be trained !»Don't be lost, keep always in mind what you want and stay focus !

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