• When artistic and corporate life become one: Sophie Bauçais
  • When artistic and corporate life become one: Sophie Bauçais

  • Sophie Bauçais, it is said to be that you were born in the hairdressing world…
    Being a daughter of hairdresser put you in the ambience of the profession since the conception ! I didn't need more to be attracted by the profession.

  • And how did you orchestrate your evolution in the family group ?

    Very soon, I started the competitions with the French cup 1993, gold medal for the European and world cup 1994. After that, I joined the team of hairdressers ambassadors of l’Oréal Professionnel and I became a member of the creation team HCF.

    In parallel, I implicated myself in the direction of the salons of the group Fashion Coiffure giving my name again to the brand. The three salons are in the south west region in the Rochelle and in Rochefort, they represent 24 partners now.

    The salons are organized like global beauty houses with the cabins Carita, special spaces for the hairdressing makeovers and the brides' services.

  • When artistic and corporate life become one: Sophie Bauçais
  • You updated completely your first salon ?

    Indeed, the consumers change and I thought it was time to propose a new concept to our clients.
    I decided to put in place the new project recommended by l’Oréal Professionnel with the Salon Emotion. As a result, a welcoming, luminous space conducive to the proposition of services and projects. The objective is to give a qualitative image to hairdressing and that from the design of the salon and different steps like the reception, the diagnostic, the technique, the hairstyle and the retail space.


    Have the consumers changed so much to such an extent that it is necessary to update the universe of the salon ?

    Absolutely ! The information flow has never been so huge during that decade with the revolution of the blogs, the social networks, the tutorials and others. The client is demanding, they know about what they're talking about and the height of that… how we must talk to them !
    It is then necessary to propose a place which inspires modernity and we must especially promote the training of the teams to obtain services even more qualitative. If one is not aware of that evolution, we can't be surprised when thousands of salons in France close.


    You are always active on the social networks, it seems that you never stop. Is the Le temps de Sophie different ?

    No ! I love navigating between the company and the artistic life. Our profession is creativity and without that I can't moving forward. That's my balance. The fact that I am an ex-ballerina, I'm used to surpass myself and to the stage. That's why I feel well when I accept the challenges of shows: self-control, sharing emotions with the audience. In the other hand, I'm far more efficient when I'm in the red situation.

    Regarding the artistic and surpassing yourself, you were a member of the jury for the 25th final of the competition Meilleur Ouvrier de France. What do you think about that ?

    First, this is an honor to participate at that exceptional competition MOF. I come from competition and I see today professionals who undertake for three years with an objective, excellence, I can tell you that the emotion is very high ! Only one word comes to my mind: RESPECT.


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