• Dive into the universe of Aurélien Bru, this hairdresser of 18 years and already ambassador with many medals !
  • Dive into the universe of Aurélien Bru, this hairdresser of 18 years and already ambassador with many medals !

  • He is only 18 and has a dream career.. Ambassador Mizutani Scissors France, he already received many awards. Under the wings of Céline Antunes, he is very comfortable on the stage. Zoom on that amazing hairdresser.
    Sara Svati
  • Livecoiffure: Could you tell us about your beginning in the hairdressing universe ?

    Aurélien Bru : I was in secondary school when everything started. Every week-end, I would have fun styling a friend Telia Fenie. She would seat in front of the TV and I would take care of her hair during two to three hours, I wasn't doing anything extraordinary but I was having fun.
    She was very patient as a model. From there, everything started, my parents saw that I had a really passion for hairdressing.
    During my Ninth grade, even if I had a very good average, I already had made my choice. I wanted to do that profession... My dream has always been to style the stars I like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Nina Dobrev... I always knew that I will go to the United States and I will succeed !
    Actually, I started hairdressing in 2012 when I was 14. Then I participated to the competition Metamorphosis third prize Chignon CAP/BP then the competition of the Meilleur apprenti de France where I obtained the bronze medal.
    I've been a lot on stage, I participated in 2013 to the competition Hairmaster Festival Métamorphose of Toulouse and Béziers. I participated to the competition Métamorphose chignon where I obtained the first prize BP. In 2014, I kept that way with the Festival Métamorphose Hairmaster with Tiziana Di Garbo.
    I was lucky to be the assistant on the stage of the Mondial Coiffure Beauté with Coiffure Antunes and Schwarzkopf Professional. in 2015, I did a series of photos called Believe in Fate with the models Giovanni Believe and Tiziana Di Garbo. After that, we'll see...

  • Dive into the universe of Aurélien Bru, this hairdresser of 18 years and already ambassador with many medals !
  • Livecoiffure : Currently, you work as a hairdresser designer in the salon 25ème Avenue in Seyssins,Céline Antunes salon what are your specialties ?

    Aurélien Bru : For me, I'm very lucky to be part of the team of the 25ème Avenue which is composed exclusively of passionate persons ! We are more than colleagues, we are a real family, a tribute...
    Personaly, I'm working with a contract BP (professional certificate) I will take it in October in Bordeaux. In the salon, everybody do everything, I can do women haircut and men haircut, chignons, hair colors or technique of highlights with sun effect. I don't really have a specialty. I think it's very beautiful and gratifying to transform a person from A to Z ! I will never thank enough Céline Antunes to have trusted me !

    Livecoiffure: You were under the wings of Céline Antunes… this meeting was a chance?

    Aurélien Bru : Our meeting was by chance but at the same time destiny ! I met Céline Antunes during the festival Métamorphoses in 2012. I was participating to my first chignon competition, I was only 14 years old. When I saw Céline on stage, I was amazed. In the end of her show, I came to see her with my model to have a photo with her.
    I won the competition Hairmaster in Valras and that offered me a training at the Schwarzkopf Academy in Toulouse. After that experience and thanks to the social networks, we kept in touch Céline and me, I proposed my services to her and she took me straightaway. Since may 2014, I've been very happy every day...
    I'm having fun all the time ! The week at the salon and the weekends where we prepare the future photo shooting and shows. What I like most of Céline, it's her haircut techniques, her imagination for the chignons, her kindness and her great humility. She is an extraordinary person at the human level !

  • Dive into the universe of Aurélien Bru, this hairdresser of 18 years and already ambassador with many medals !
  • Céline Antunes told us: " I met Aurélien for the first time at the festival Métamorphose in Toulouse. He came to see me and to ask me a picture together, of course I said yes, I was seeing myself at the age of 17 with my amazed eyes.

    As I always say to the hairdressers I meet: " Let's be friend on Facebook, we will share our passion and follow the current events." We were in touch regularly. This little boy decided to participate to the competition Hairmaster Métamorphose in Valras this time. We met each other again, furthermore he gained a training with me in Toulouse. I met him the third time there.

    I felt a big passion and such an implication that I proposed him to come in my salon during one week and I would be very happy to receive him.
    Without employer, he couldn't go to school anymore. There's always a solution ! Aurélien was a very implicated young person, I was going to manage to hire him before. And that's it, our adventure started like that. Aurélien keeps implicating himself by passion but also to express his gratitude.

    Thanks to your person like him, I know why I'm going on stage, to make them dream but also to think about the future. Today, I thank that youth to like that profession and to encourage us to transmit it. "

  • Dive into the universe of Aurélien Bru, this hairdresser of 18 years and already ambassador with many medals !
  • Livecoiffure: You are Ambassador Mizutani Scissors France, How did it happen ?

    Aurélien Bru : I met Vincent the manager of Mizutani Scissors France when I was beginning. He has always followed me and believed in me and told me that one day I will be part of the house Mizutani... this dream came true. Since 2015, I've been Ambassador for Mizutani Scissors France !

    That's great, they trust me and believe in me despite my young age ! I wanted to integrate their team because they represent for me the best hairdressers, it's a real honor to enter in that clan !

  • Livecoiffure: You released a collection on glamour, with the models Tiziana Di Garbo and Giovanni Bonamy, where do your ideas come from ?

    Aurélien Bru : This collection was created at the beginning for the competition Hairdressing Awards with Schwarzkopf but wasn't taken. Some of the magazines did like these photos and published them in their pages ! The theme on the glamour came from here and there, watching fashion shows, hairdressing tutorials, the Oscars ceremonies...
    I take my inspiration from tendencies ! I was very happy to work with those two beautiful models. We chose to call that series " Believe In Fate" because I feel even luckier to do all that I do ! I contacted the models myself explaining them my story and my career. Styling Giovanni Bonamy has been a dream for a long time to me, for me he was the best model !
    I've been watching a lot in the magazines, he seemed inaccessible. He was the one to give me my chance, he is very humble and now I consider him as a big brother, he watches over me and my future.


    Livecoiffure: In the end of January, you participated to a show in Luxembourg with Céline Anthunes, could you tell us about that?
    Aurélien Bru : The show of Le was incredible, Céline Antunes offered an exceptional show ! I was in the backstage with Joëlle, we were her little hands and we prepared her hair. Céline, creates the hairstyles. It's intense, fascinating and spectacular.
    I love that stage world ! Luxembourg was an amazing show uniting three great hairdressers, Céline Antunes, Christophe Gaillet and Christophe Nicolas Biot.


    Livecoiffure: What are your project for 2015 ?
    Aurélien Bru : For 2015, I have many things to do. In that field, we're always learning and I'm very young ! Beginning of March, new creations will arrive... but it is a surprise ! I will represent Mizutani Scissors France to advice the young hairdressers. It is important to start a that career with good material. This can be felt directly when working ! With a more classical material or of bad quality, I couldn't do what I create today.
    Very soon in mid-March, I will be the muse of the clothe brand for Men llannfive Paris. I will be in front of the camera with Tiziana Di Garbo. I invite also all the hairdressers to come to the Festival Métamorphose which will take place in June 2015. I will be on stage with the Hairmasters and Titus Devos.


    Crédits photos :
    Cheveux : Aurélien Bru
    Photographe: Kevin Zephyr
    Make up: Cathy Bulteau
    Stylisme: Sabrina Perrou
    Modèles: Tiziana Di Garbo & Giovanni Bonamy
    Retouche photo : Franck Burkhater


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