• A real hairdressing lover, discover the amazing universe of the prodigious Fred Kaczor !
  • A real hairdressing lover, discover the amazing universe of the prodigious Fred Kaczor !

  • FRED KACZOR ©Xavier Perchaud


    Fred Kaczor, experienced hairdresser from Limoges, made his mark recently at the Hairdressing Awards by winning the prizes Ethnic,Couleur and Région Ouest. Artist Partner Goldwell, he manages the haircolor but not only that. Meeting with that amazing hairdressing lover.
    Sara Svati


    Livecoiffure: Could you tell us about the beginning of your career ?
    Fred Kaczor : Since the age of 6, I have been dreaming about becoming a hairdresser, I obtained my CAP in 1990 in Limoges in one of the biggest salon at the moment called Pierre. Thanks to that, I discovered and I learnt that profession with talented and passionate persons.
    It was difficult but I learnt what was rigor, perseverance, perfection and the fact of thinking that nothing can be taken for granted. I don't regret anything, these are essential weapons to grow up. In 1994, I obtained my professional diploma and I worked in different places in Limoges, to develop my skills and my knowledge. From that, I made the best of it as I am now specialized as much in haircut as in hair color. Then I had the opportunity to follow trainings in Tony& Guy, Sebastian and to integrate the group Jacques Dessange where I finished my career as an employee.
    These were very beautiful years rich in experiences and love for the profession.

    Livecoiffure: You won the prize Région Ouest, Couleur, and the specific 10 years Ethnic at the Hairdressing Awards Schwarzkopf, could you give us your impression about that ceremony ?
    Fred Kaczor : I indeed won 3 titles during that fabulous night. The night started in the backstage and that was for me a pleasure to meet again my colleagues and my friends. This was also the opportunity to discover new persons, the ambiance was great, everybody was happy to be there. The organizers Schwarzkopf- those who work in the shadow- waited on hand and foot. The fashion show, the nominations, the awards, these were huge emotional moments, I was very stressed !
    My mother, my number one fan and all my team - photographers, make-up artists and one of my models- were just behind me, I think they were in the same state ! But It was good to have them there with me. For the first prime Région Ouest, when they said my name Stéphane Région, tears came to my eyes then the other victories followed with the same emotion and especially a thought for my team, my models because without them nothing would have been possible. I think that these moments will remain magic in my career !


    Livecoiffure : When you presented your hairstyles - Région Ouest, Couleur et Ethnic- where did your ideas come from ?
    Fred Kaczor : For the collection of 4 visuals Région Ouest, I took my inspiration from completely different women determined in their own way. I wanted to present my characters with materials, shapes and very colorful lines, in a dark universe, inspired by Tim Burton.
    At the beginning, this is a matter of subconscious. I wanted to work volumes with different geometric shapes focusing of the hair color. The hair color is always very important in my visuals, to highlight the material and to create a different harmony. The black is used because it is one of my favorite colors in stylism. The background is quite dark and enables to highlight even better the intense colors at the level of the hair. Regarding the make-up, two Parisian makeup artists Evy Mak’ Up and Benoît Guinot worked the very dark eyes, the pale complexion and the intense lips. This is always a surprise in that profession to see the final result which presents an identity and a universe.
    En couleur, I worked on organic shapes with pure and intense colors with subtle declinations. I really wanted a result focused on the luminous beauty of the hair. To suit the jury, I wanted to create something original, with blonde, brown, orange and purple tones. The hair color might seem even at the basis but if you come closer to see the details, the hair has many reflections. I always use at least two colors.
    In Ethnic, the challenge wasn't so easy because I was already nominated in the category Afro so I had to create a very varied identity. I wanted to tell a story by creating strong heroines, signs of their origins. I explored even more the idea by using 4 very opposed universes, that way the princess Cosaque , the queen of Saba, the Tibetan goddess and the queen Mikado were born.
    I chose Asia (Japan and Tibet), Africa and Europe. You can find the Slav ethnic woman, a princess warrior with that coldness characterized by her blonde hair.
    The Tibetan goddess with tanned skin and orange braids refer to the Buddhist monks. The queen of Saba, with black skin and wears red dreadlocks. Regarding the queen Mikado, the hairstyle was created with organic materials, with shiny backcombed crimp straight hair to highlight the whole mass. Wigs were added on a very tighten veil of wire mesh to highlight the ends giving a volatile aspect. The bonsai and the mikado game are features of Japan. The series is very important for me, this is a huge team work !


    Livecoiffure : Could you tell us about the F.L Coiffure salon ?
    Fred Kaczor : F.L Coiffure was born a 13 -my lucky number- December 2003 in the centre of Limoges. That wasn't a dream but just something which came up, I believe in coincidences. Since the beginning I was very successful, I have been winning my clients through my diverse experiences. Then in 2014, I had the opportunity to move my salon in a number 1 big road in the center, new decoration, new challenge !
    F .L Coiffure is a place with conviviality where my clients are all princesses. We can't forget that, as hairdressers, we are like magicians, we have that power of making women beautiful, this is something huge ! Nowadays, the clients need to dream, whether it is about their haircut, their hairstyle, their hair color or highlight technique. The clients are always looking for novelties ! I am lucky to get information thanks to Goldwell which enable me to work the hair color long before. This is an advantage to be different from the other salons. The key words are quality and professionalism !

    Livecoiffure : You are Artist Partner Goldwell, could you tell us how it happened and what is your role ?
    Fred Kaczor : I have been an Artist Partner Goldwell since 2014 but this started long before. I had the opportunity to win 5 times at the national level the Color Zoom Challenge Goldwell from 2009 to 2014. This competition consists in creating visuals to be publishes to highlight creation haircut, hairstyle and hair color with a technical drawing as a support. The one who wins represents France and the international final takes place this year in Las Vegas in October.
    The fact that I had already won, I could represent France during the international finals in Miami, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Berlin ! Each time, it was a moment rich in experience, sharing and meetings. Today, my role as an Artist Partner is to transmit my skills and my knowledge to the clients of that brand.
    This is also the opportunity to present -like it happened the day after the night of the Hairdressing Awards, after two hours sleeping- the year collection Color Zoom. The collection is also aimed to determine the theme of the future competition Color Zoom Challenge Goldwell. The show took place at the Pin Up in Paris in the 14th district. I saw helped by my partner Virginie Sarocchi and the education service with my 7 models. This shows that passion always wins !

    Livecoiffure : What are your projects for the next year ?
    Fred Kaczor : For 2015, I hope that I will have as many projects as this year when I make an assessment. When you are an artist, you always want to go further, you are happy of your work on the moment but you always want more ! One must remain humble, all of that is ephemeral. The failures are experiences and enable to start other thing. It is a perpetual questioning.
    First, I am going to prepare my visual for the Color Zoom Challenge 2015, I have several dates regarding my role of Artist Partner. Then, I will catch up with my team of photographers and makeup artists to create new visuals, I already have the style in my mind for that future collection. Another passionate adventure with the team !
    Maybe the preparation of a show, in any case as I said on stage during that night: Hairdressing is my life !


    Ethnic Series: Xavier Perchaud
    Series Color and Western Region: Christelle Rama


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