• On the beach : new beauty products
  • On the beach : new beauty products

  • 1. Biotherm - Aquasource Night Spa
    A continuous hydration all night long thanks to that soothing and cocooning care which leaves a sensation of comfort and softness. At the awakening, you can see that the skin is repulped and healthy. 50 ml - 41,90 €


    2. Yves Saint Laurent - The Laque Couture N°62
    SAHARAN to end of the nails, a sun yellow, inspired by the soft leather of the Moroccan slippers. 24,00 €


    3. Dolce & Gabbana - Light Blue - Sunset in Salina
    The pleasure of a sweet and intoxicating glass of Malvasia which you can enjoy in front of a sunset on a terrace surrounded by freesia. Precious flavor of fig leaf, Violet, yellow freesia, orange blossom and jasmine soothed by the warm of amber, cedar wood and white musk sign that limited edition. 50 ml - 72,90 €


    4. Clarisonic – « Nautical Summer » - Mia 2
    This exceptional brush cleans 6 times more than a classic manual cleaning. It prepares the skin to the arrival of the warm days, it softens it and makes it shined while refining it. This brush reduces also the size of the pores. Apart from its efficiency, we like its color Pêche Ensoleillée ! From 149€


    5. Caudalie - Beauty Elixir
    Inspired by the youth elixir of the Queen Inspired of Hungary, this care product smoothes the features, tightens the pores and makes the complexion radiant. 100 ml - 29,60 €


    6. Giorgio Armani - Eye Tint
    We like its pure and intense color which guarantees a long lasting effect ( 16h), perfect on the beach, with its material "naked eyelid" effect, fresh and light. 36,80 €


    This new formula rich in optical agents, offers a very soft, powdered finish and a mat finish “invisible” for a “naked skin” sensation and a smoothing effect immediately visible. After 3 days of application, the skin texture is finer. The skin is beautiful all day long. 30 ml - 90,00 €


    8. Esthederm -Cellular Water Spray - Source of energy and youth
    Best- seller of the expert brand es-beauté, the cellular water has a unique composition inspired by the skin<; Source of energy, it optimizes the effects of a skin care in perfect harmony with the skin. Perfect also to fix the make-up. 200 ml - 30 €


    9. Esthederm - The Sun Oil - Body and hair care
    A unique finish, rich in essential fatty acids. After the application, the skin shines under a veil of light with a soft and sensual perfume. UVA UVB filtration, two intensities. 150 ml - 49 €


    10. St Tropez Cosmetics - Self Tan Express
    The favorite brand of Kate Moss ! Like that model, apply this light mousse for a very quick tanning in just 1 hour, perfect for women in a hurry. Note: DHA Vegetal 100% natural. 49,00 €


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