• Hair color for men in 2015
  • Hair color for men in 2015

  • The hair color products special men are multiplying. The idea of a man having a hair color doesn't chock anybody anymore which shows a real society change. Only one detail, still important, even for the conception of the product, the hair color can't be noticed !
    Men want a hair color but not a "complete" one. The equivalent for « you can cut but keep my length»…

    The first grey hair
    It can appear very soon and hiding it is not a problem for the young generations. The sport icons are the best ambassadors of the haircut/ hair color coloration, like a fashion accessory. The first grey hair are hidden without complex with an original hair color for the most audacious ones.


    You have pepper and salt hair
    Even the pepper and salt hair is a real attractive feature - see article sexier with white hair – the objective is to highlight your natural tone with the adapted hair color. The colorist will apply an shade adapted to your natural base but not uniformly just on the touched zones.
    Hence a visual transparent result. In general, the waiting time of this hair color lasts around 5 minutes. This service easily completes the monthly appointment for the haircut.


    100% grey hair cover
    Not many of them choose that option but it does exist: the oxidation hair color which covers 100% grey hair. The major drawbacks and the same for women: the root effect. You can add to that the oxidation problem which turns hair color to other tones. Your hairdresser will have to choose fundamental shades, even with cool reflections, to avoid these annoyances.
    At that point, some of the men give up and assume their grey hair.


    Color propositions by the hairdressers:
    1- Coloration d'oxydation Gyptis Prestige argent - Fauvert Profesionnel
    2- Cover five - l’Oréal Professionnel
    3- Gradual tone - Wella System Professional
    4- Kit 3D MenSion - Schwarzkopf Professional


  • Hair color for men in 2015


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