• The whole livecoiffure.com team is delighted to announce you the Denis Holbecq’s active presence, L’oréal professionnel hairdresser ambassador, in our blog. 

    We had promised many surprises regarding the transformation of the training courses platform that we are, since September. Furthermore, We could not resist to Denis’ charm, and we will let him express himself, in duo with  Christine Margossian.

    All summer long which will be very “hot” because as soon as these two friends meet, it is reported that the temperature rises of a few degrees and without gossiping about hairdressing salon!  Denis’ role will be to report on his experiences with professionals fromm all over the world because, besides being a famous hairdresser, he is a real world traveler.

    Thus, he will make us discover how he works and on which themes he works, but adapting himself to different cultures, to different textures and hair colors. As an illustration of his articles, Denis will make us discover his actions via photos and videos



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