he hollywood beauty reference, 50 years after her death, Marylin Monroe is still the muse of the sex symbols. Platinum blond, short hair and glamour gesture thanks to her hairstyle, her red lips, the perfume chanel n°5….

    Many elements which still nowadays are a source of inspiration for the future trends (especially this winter 2013 but….shh!!we will tell you more about it in due course!)

    Originally, it was for the movie “Monkey Business” in 1952, that the actress has turned blond. This change in color transformed her and pushed her at the sex symbol status in America. Other asset, her voluptuous asset highlighted by a carmine red sometimes shiny sometimes matt.

    If you want to go blond, remember: your best advisor is your hairdresser. Finally, a quick calculation, Marylin would have been 86 years old this year!


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