• Pierre Ginsburg, a rising young hairdresser!

  • The young and passionate hairdresser Pierre Ginsburg is doing everything he can to rise in the hairdressing world. Complimented by the greatest names in the hairdressing world, he is often qualified as an avant-gardist hairdresser with an amazing talent. Zoom on this frenchy who has just moved in Oxford at Anne Veck’s.

    Johann Krey

  • This year, Pierre Ginsburg won the international contest Style Masters by Revlon Professionnel in the “Young Talents” category! Creativity means being passionate and this requires time, listening and also means new discoveries.


    Livecoiffure: Fashion is very present in your last collection, does it inspire you to create your hairstyles?

    Pierre Ginsburg: Yes, I take inspiration from fashion, advertisements, the Fashion Week to create my collections (hairstyle, make up, styling..), I make my mood board with all of that.
    The creators like Alexander McQueen, Demna Gvasalia, Gareth Pugh and Jacquemus inspire me so do other creators like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Givenchy, especially for the make up.

    Clothes help me to create my collections thanks to the different colors, shapes and textures.  I remain very interested in very dark and minimalist universes. I also like Victorian or futuristic times.

  • Livecoiffure: La Destruction, the last title of your collection is a strong word, why did you choose it to illustrate your last creations?

    Pierre Ginsburg: I was working in a quite eccentric hairdressing salon in Bordeaux.  The training I had there enabled me to acquire a very graphic vision which is minimalist and basic. I wanted to stop this lifestyle to advance in my career but also in my personal life.
    I chose this title for my collection because I wanted to change my life, that’s why I decided to go to England to work with Anne Veck  in Oxford.


    A few weeks after my departure from the Bordeaux salon, I wanted to create my new collection taking inspiration from the last shows of the Fashion Week, advertisements in which you can see more and more XXL, torn, unstructured and asymmetric clothes. I wanted, before everything, to transmit all of that in this new collection.

    For me, “La Destruction” is the negation of conventional beauty based on classic criteria.

    Playing with cutting, shapes, textures and colors, the collection gives priority to the asymmetry and the break of the aesthetics traditional rules.


    Livecoiffure: When we interviewed you last year, your ultimate goal was to make a name for yourself as a studio hairdresser, how far have you progressed with that?

    Pierre Ginsburg: I am still in contact with different studio hairdressers like Orlando Pita or Stéphane Bodin. I was able to assist them during a few shows or during shootings for magazines.

    Since than, I am working with Anne Veck to improve my English because it became a real handicap for me. I must persevere to advance in my projects. I am going slowly but I will see (laughter) where the future will lead me.


    Livecoiffure: The great names in the hairdressing world like Christophe Gaillet, Fred Kaczor, La Maison Gérard Laurent, Patrick Ahmed, Thierry Deschemin and many others, congratulate you via social networks, how does it feel to be followed by very renown professionals?

    Pierre Ginsburg: I am very pleased. It motivates me and pushes me to keep going, to create new colections, to enrich my professional experience, my collections book. They are people who I particularly respect judging by their experience, their talent...

    I talk with them on the social networks and also during hair events. It is very nice to talk about our experiences. It helps me to advance. I particularly want to say thank you to Christophe Gaillet because he keeps advising me and I love his artistic flair.

    The strong dream to become a studio hairdresser during prestigious fashion shows will certainly come true very soon for Pierre Ginsburg.

  • Photographer: Fabrice Meuwissen
    Retouch artist: Laura Abigail Wright
    Make-up artist: Julie Roux MakeoverMe
    Model: Meggy Lisa, Jeanne Marie, Charlotte Descouens,
    Adeline Bradshaw Jadorecettevie, Lou Pivois
    Hairdresser: Pierre Ginsburg uses the Revlon Professional products

    Anne Veck Salons Oxford
    33 St Clement's St, Oxford OX4 1AB, United Kingdom



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