• Vivre avec le vitiligo au quotidien, la vie de Nadia Bouchikhi - Mille et une vies
  • Pour Nadia Bouchikhi, the differences are important!

  • “ Let’s embrace our difference and see it as an asset”, this is Nadia Bouchikhi’s belief. Once again, the young hairdresser opens our eyes beyond the hairdressing profession with her new 2017 Spring-Summer collection: SHADES.

    Daphné Malan

  • As a result of her first publications in the professional women’s magazines, her status as a muse for the jeweler Isabelle Durmeyer, has been confirmed and for Nadia Bouchikhi, 2016 ended in style! Her participation to the program “Mille et une vies” by Frédéric Lopez, broadcasted on 2th December on France 2 made her known. The audience learned that she suffered from vitiligo at a young age understood how to live with it every day. This was a moving program which showcased the emotion and the sensitivity of this young hairdresser.

    Her experiences with vitiligo taught Nadia Bouchikhi to see beyond appearances. She then wanted to highlight the physical experiences by enhancing the natural beauty of each woman.

  • For her new collection SHADES for the new season, Nadia  Bouchikhiwas inspired by the actress Brigitte Bardot and singers like Dalida and Vanessa Paradis in order to express her creativity.
    SHADES means differences for Nadia. It is about showing that a woman can be beautiful inside and outside regardless their differences!

    The young hairdresser chose 3 female models affected by similar skin conditions and wanted to highlight their natural beauty with very modern hair techniques.

    Hair Painting & birthmark

    One of them has a beautiful birthmark on the left cheek. Several hairstyles were interpreted in order to personify this female beauty. Nadia demonstrated a Hair Painting in copper beige scale (Wella haircolors).

  • The long hair is loose, flattened with a wet effect or with a light curly volume. There are various ties but the ponytail, the macaroons and the mid-level bun remain the star for this season.

    The editorial board’s opinion: The birthmark is highlighted by this luminous haircolor.

  • Hair contouring & freckles

    The other model has freckles. The face of the young woman is highlighted by her natural skin and her charm which are illustrated by a Hair contouring and a cold beige light bath. The hair is loose or naturally curled.

    In order to free the face and highlight the particularity of this young woman, Nadia Bouchikhi chose very fashionable ties: a revisited hair boxing, mid-level macaroons. And finally, a beautiful “brush” bun.

    The editorial board’s opinion: The freckles highlight the softness of natural hair.

  • Naturel & Piebaldism

    The last style is more surprising and ignored by Livecoiffure’s team. It is about a young girl who suffers from Piebaldism. This is real, her blonde strands on the top of her head are N.A.T.U.R.A.L!

    Sometimes called partial albinism, piebaldism is a rare disease, “characterized by the presence of pigmented and hypopigmented zones (leukoderma) on several parts of the body, especially on the forehead, the chest, the abdomen, the forearms and the lower extremities in association with a white strand (poliosis) in some cases hypopigmented eyebrows and eyelashes”(source orpha.net).
    Nadia played with the natural hair contrast of the young girl.

    The editorial board’s opinion: What more can we say, we are impressed!


  • As you will have understood, it is better to not hide your individuality but to embrace it. If you want people to look at you differently, don't leave them the choice to do so so they can feel the effects of your natural beauty!

  • Credits
    Hair: Nadia Bouchikhi
    Makeup: Mélanie Di Salvo
    Photographer: Daniel Pister
    Used Products: Wella Professionals
  • Teaser SHADES collection de Coiffures Nadia BOUCHIKHI Printemps été 2017
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