• The Blend Beach Party by Keune!

  • Place to be, the last event by Keune: a beach atmosphere, a party to present its new range of blend Keune hairstyle products. It is an opportunity for us to meet Mickaël Ribeiro Ambassador of the brand Keune and Nicolas d'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber. Focus on the Blend Beach Party.

    Sara Svati

  • On stage :

    Livecoiffure: Could you tell us about the Keune Blend Beach Party event at the Grau du Roi?


    Mickaël Ribeiro: Above all, we want to present the new Blend hairstyle products by Keune. The Keune products have been completely redesigned with new packagings. During the afternoon, we used these products to create the models’ hairstyles. The idea was to do something fresh during the summer holiday period on the beach. We really wanted to create something natural to get closer to our clients.


    During the first part of the afternoon, we presented living pictures. We worked on female and male models. The members of the artistic team reproduced the hairstyles to present the different products by Keune: their textures and their application.

    At 3pm, I did a hairdressing show focused on something fresh and natural with hairstyles easy to do. More importantly, I wanted to show hairstyles that my clients can reproduce in their salon. No haute coiffure bun but very natural, summer, and fresh hairstyles to get closer to the audience.


    Livecoiffure: What was your mission during this event?

    Mickaël Ribeiro: I prepared the place and the models. I had chats with clients and I had fun doing, undoing, and braiding the hair of the models so I could show the Keune products. I wanted this “more conventional” Keune event to be turned into something fun! Amazing show, nice choreography, I also talked about the range by Keune which has been completely revisited! New packagings, novelties, all of that is very good for the brand! However, we didn’t want to change completely the image of Keune. We keep and improve what we used to do before. That is to say, we create something very natural by respecting the hair without hair extensions or accessories. I am not saying anything else as you will discover the range very soon!

    Livecoiffure: Could you tell us more about the Blend range by Keune?

    Mickaël Ribeiro: The new Keune products are refined with a very modern design. The aim of the range blend Keune is to target very chic clients but also very fan of natural hairstyles. The range is for people of all ages. Before, the Keune products were colored to target younger clients. Today, the blend hairstyle products by Keune only have a touch of color. The palette of visual aids on this collection is really good with about ten very “commercial” visual aids.

  • Backstage :

    We asked Nicolas d'Eurveilher, hairdresser barber in his salon Felix.D in Nîmes, to explain us his role in the backstage of this event:

    “This year, we organized again this event on a private beach and at the Grau du Roi this time but in the same spirit as last year. The principle of the event was to present the new collection of the Blend range so we wanted to organize a fun afternoon/night in the Keune spirit. My role was to do many hairstyles and cut beards. We had fun especially on men.

    The hairstyles were more modern because we wanted to give it all we’ve got. My team Félix D and myself, we helped the artistic team Keune. I was in charge of the “organization” part with the models. Being in the backstage, the day of the event, we helped with the decoration and the models.

    With the whole team, we also did the basic hairstyles for the models who needed a lot of preparations in advance. I personally was in charge of the men haircuts and their beards. The men weren't styled on stage by Mickaël but before in the backstage. Regarding the women, we prepared them the day before and of course the day of the event too. The audience loved the beach atmosphere! It was a really great experience and we will do it again!”

  • Produits BLEND by Keune

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